Conference attendees in Gaza demand that the prisoners’ case be referred to the international courts.

Conference attendees in Gaza demand that the prisoners’ case be referred to the international courts.

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Date:16 Sep 2021

Press release,

Conference attendees in Gaza demand that the prisoners’ case be referred to the international courts.

Occupied Palestine/Gaza: Jurists and specialists in prisoner cases demanded human rights organizations to raise the issue of prisoners and the violations they are subjected to in the prisons of the Israeli occupation to international courts in order to try the leaders of the occupation.

They also demanded that the resistance factions make every effort to release the prisoners from the occupation prisons, and start coordinating efforts to implement creative and symbolic activities to support their cause.

This came during a workshop organized by ICSPR in cooperation with the Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners in Gaza City, in the presence of representatives of the factions and national forces, and liberated prisoners.

The Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of Prisoners, Saber Abu Karsh, said that the prisoners inside the occupation prisons dream every day of freedom to meet their families, stressing that their escape has a national and moral dimension.

Abu Karsh stressed that the task of defending the prisoners in their battle and what they are exposed to is a “national mission” stressing the importance of “the presence of political cover for the prisoners to strengthen their will in the face of the violations of the occupation”.

In turn, the chairman of ICSPR Salah Abd al-Atti said that our people are looking at the violations and torture of the re-arrested prisoners with extreme seriousness.

Abd al-Atti stressed that this torture aims to break the will of the detainees who carried out a heroic operation that shook the security of the occupation, indicating that the Israeli practices violate the provisions of Article 121, which states that no penalties may be taken against them.

He added, “What is happening with the re-arrested prisoners is a crime against humanity”. The occupation is violating the Oslo Accords, in which the authority neglected the prisoners in the settlement file.

He pointed out that ICSPR has launched an international campaign signed by more than 140 international and local organizations, and they were informed of the grave violations that prisoners are subjected to in the occupation prisons, especially the re-arrested prisoners.

He called on the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to hold an urgent meeting to consider the grave violations that the prisoners are subjected to, expressing his aspiration for a decision to impose a boycott on the occupation.

He also called on the authority and President Mahmoud Abbas to internationalize the issue of prisoners and detainees, and to urge the Public Prosecution Office of the International Criminal Court to open a serious investigation into the crimes of the occupation and the crimes of torture practiced on the prisoners.

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