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Donate to the association

The Association for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People, known as the International Commission for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People, is launching a donation campaign to support its work and programs in protecting human rights and the Palestinian people that target youth, children, women and all segments of society through monitoring, documentation and human rights follow-up programs at the local and international levels of human rights violations in the Palestinian territories Organizing awareness, training and advocacy programs for human rights and the Palestinian people, including training those in charge of law enforcement, lawyers, media professionals, university students and workers in civil institutions, and preparing research, studies, position papers, facts and human rights reports, and programs for development initiatives to support the initiatives of youth, children, women, persons with disabilities and victims of human rights violations.

Given that the association is an independent national civil society and works in various fields of work and focuses on Palestinian rights, it faces real difficulties in providing funding for its activities and programmes. Therefore, it needs financial resources to ensure its continuity and develop its role.

We hope that everyone who believes in supporting human rights and the rights of the Palestinian people as stated in United Nations resolutions and international laws and standards for human rights will contribute to supporting the association by donating on its account in the Palestine Islamic Bank:

NIS account: PS39PIBC084527078000033100000

Dollar account: PS69PIBC084527078000013100000