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The International Commission for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People “Hashd”

The Association for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People, known as the International Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People, is a non-profit civil rights organization, founded in 2015 and registered under No. 8523 based on the Palestinian Associations and Civil Organizations Law No. 01 of 2000. The International Committee works to protect human rights and the rights of the Palestinian people

Authority vision (crowd)

The Commission embodies its vision in the struggle for a free and democratic Palestinian society in which the rule of law and human rights are respected.

Commission’s message (crowd)

The Commission seeks to protect human rights in Palestine, monitor violations of the Israeli occupation and internal violations and follow them up with international bodies, raise the level of awareness and culture of national and human rights among Palestinians, and enlist international support and solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people, using strategies, tactics, monitoring and documentation tools, and national and international protection mechanisms for human rights Human .

The strategic goals of the association:
Contribute to monitoring and documenting violations of human rights and the Palestinian people and follow-up with international human rights institutions.
Launching and organizing pressure and advocacy campaigns for human rights and the Palestinian people in Palestine and the world.
Stimulating serious thinking and research and producing specialized studies and research papers to develop options and alternatives to contribute to the protection of human rights, especially the rights of the Palestinian people.
Implementing and supporting developmental and human rights initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of youth, women and people with disabilities.
Contribute to spreading the culture of human rights and enhancing knowledge of mechanisms aimed at protecting human rights.
Organizing and implementing professional training programs to build the capacities of human rights defenders.
The body’s philosophy (crowd)

The commission relies on the work in the occupied Palestinian territories and the various places of Palestinian presence on the principles, values and standards of the rule of law and human rights and works to enhance the protection of human rights and achieve justice for the Palestinians and on the path to ending the Israeli occupation and building an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and ensuring the rights of Palestinian refugees and strengthening the rule of law and respect for human rights According to national and international human rights standards.

Authority programmes
1- Awareness and capacity building programme.

This program aims to increase the capacities of young lawyers, law enforcement officials, workers in NGOs, women, children, and persons with disabilities, and provide them with specialized knowledge, which includes human rights standards, international advocacy tools, United Nations tools, the approach based on human rights, and international human rights conventions. Designing and implementing long and short training programs and awareness activities according to the needs of the target groups, including programs for preparing a human rights researcher, training programs for human rights activists, journalists, lawyers, students and youth, training programs for human rights defenders, and awareness and training programs for workers in governmental and private agencies that respect the principles of good governance, development and human rights.

The program organizes activities, seminars, workshops, study days, conferences and forums to exchange experiences, raise awareness and advocate for human rights, and implement creative programs such as forums, summer universities, lectures and creative activities aimed at promoting awareness and education of human rights, in addition to producing work guides and training and awareness resources.

2- Legal and human rights support program

This program aims to combat all human rights violations in Palestine and follow them up with governmental institutions and international institutions and provide legal support to victims of human rights violations. The United Nations and regional organizations concerned with human rights regularly update on the situation of human rights and the Palestinian people.

3- Research and Policy Program

The program aims to play an influential and effective role in stimulating serious thinking and research to develop objective options and alternatives that contribute to supporting human rights, especially the rights of the Palestinian people, through the production of specialized studies, research and research papers, including position papers, fact sheets, policies and specialized human rights reports on human rights violations and issues in Palestine. The program also aims to implement and develop training programs directed to young human rights and political research cadres, in a way that contributes to the development of Palestinian research production on various issues of concern to the Palestinian people, and to activate dialogue between the various relevant parties and decision-makers, especially Palestinian youth, in a way that enhances their participation in presenting visions for addressing challenges nationalism and humanity.

4- Media and International Advocacy Program

This program aims to activate and strengthen cooperation and networking with international institutions and movements that support human rights and oppose the occupation and its violations in the Palestinian territories, in addition to organizing and expanding solidarity activities with the rights of the Palestinian people at the national, Arab and international levels. The rights of the Palestinian people, and the program works to employ all advocacy techniques and the use of the media and social media to put those concerned in the picture of the human rights situation in Palestine and in a way that enhances support for the rights of the Palestinian people.

5- Bank of opportunities and development initiatives

The bank aims to support marginalized groups and victims of human rights violations and enable them to possess the skills of advocating for their rights and help them to implement and manage development projects in accordance with the developmental human rights approach and in a way that achieves a human rights and developmental return that responds to people’s needs and protects their rights, and works on