ICSPR: The international community bears the responsibility for encouraging Israeli war criminals to commit their crimes against Palestinian civilians

ICSPR: The international community bears the responsibility for encouraging Israeli war criminals to commit their crimes against Palestinian civilians

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In the wake of announcing the cessation of the aggression on the Gaza Strip,,,

ICSPR: The international community bears the responsibility for encouraging Israeli war criminals to commit their crimes against Palestinian civilians

The cessation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which continued for eleven days and stopped at 02:00 am (Friday, May 21) revealed horrific scenes of Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli occupation forces deliberately, clearly and systematically targeted civilians and their civilian properties, especially residential homes located in densely populated neighborhoods, with the aim of killing children and women, displacing thousands of families and inflicting severe material damage to the residential environment of these facilities.

According to the latest statistics issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the aggression led to the martyrdom of 248 civilians, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elderly, in addition to injuring 1948 others, while the searching process for the missing under the rubble of the targeted houses and buildings is still continuing until this moment, which threatens to raise the human cost of the Israeli military operation.

According to preliminary information issued by official and international bodies, the 11 days Israeli military operation has resulted in:

Forced displacement of nearly 107 thousand citizens, some of them still reside in UN schools.

Approximately 1,400 housing units were completely destroyed, and nearly 12,886 others were damaged, in addition to the bombing of 184 residential towers and residential homes.

Destroying 74 government headquarters and public facilities, (police headquarters, security and service facilities), causing losses amounted to $ 23 million.

The destruction of most of the streets, main roads and infrastructure, including water and sewage networks, in Gaza Governorate, North Gaza Governorate, and other camps, with an initial loss of US $ 27 million.

Total destruction of 03 mosques, and partial damage to 40 mosques and one churches, as well as a five-story endowment building and facilities, with an initial loss of $ 50 million.

The occupation warplanes bombed 33 media institutions and injured 170 journalists.

The destruction of more than 355 industrial and commercial establishments, including 55 factories and 300 commercial and tourist shops, which cost more than 30 thousand workers their work in Gaza, resulting in direct financial losses exceeding $ 300 million.

The Israeli aggression caused great damage to the telecommunications and Internet networks, which affected 70,000 users.

Hundreds of vehicles were fully and partially damaged, with an estimated loss of more than $ 5.5 million.

66 schools, educational institutions, health facilities, and primary care clinics have been severely and partially affected by the heavy bombardment in their vicinity.

In addition to the Israeli crimes committed against civilians and their properties in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli machine of killing and oppression has been violently facing civilians and peaceful demonstrators in Jerusalem and the cities and villages of the West Bank, with a clear and planned escalation of field killings that indicate a terrifying situation of violation of the right to life.

Preliminary data and statistics indicate that the Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip were of a retaliatory and indiscriminate nature aimed at punishing civilians, especially in light of Israeli officials statements, indicating that the military objectives were not accurate, which proves the deliberate killing and targeting of Palestinian civilians.

The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights “ICSPR” expresses its solidarity to the families of the victims, salutes the Palestinian people for the epic of resilience and challenge, and expresses its appreciation to all workers in the health sector, municipalities, ambulance, emergency and civil defense for their tremendous efforts, which had a great impact on reducing the suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip despite the limited resources available.

ICSPR stresses the need to expedite the provision of relief and assistance to the residents of the Gaza Strip, especially those who lost their homes and places of livelihood as a result of the Israeli aggression, and demands the following:

ICSPR calls on the international community and its various organizations to activate international accountability tools for everyone who ordered or carried out war crimes and crimes against humanity, as this constitutes the most effective means to reduce the commission of other crimes in the future, and to ensure the right of victims to obtain International legal and judicial redress.

ICSPR affirms that the international community is required more than ever to assume its legal and moral responsibilities individually and collectively, and to take practical measures that lead to ensure respect for the principles and provisions of law, the judiciary, and international custom and action to end the occupation, and to fulfill the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including adopting a binding international decision that ends the occupation and provides international protection for the Palestinian people.

ICSPR calls on the European Union to suspend the Association Agreement with the Israeli occupation for violating the second clause of it, which stipulates that human rights must be respected, and to stop all forms of cooperation with it as a rogue entity that sponsors terrorism.

ICSPR urges the Public Prosecution Office of the International Criminal Court to include the crimes committed in the Gaza Strip in the file of the Israeli crimes that are being investigated.

ICSPR calls for the need to adopt a reconstruction mechanism that takes into account the need to overcome the negatives of previous mechanisms.

ICSPR calls on all Palestinians to work on building a Palestinian strategy based on the internationalization of the conflict and the restoration of national unity on the basis of a national program, struggle strategy and collective leadership, as a national and moral duty that should occupy the priorities and responsibilities of all Palestinians.

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