The International Commission Hashd 250 days with ongoing genocide war against Gaza Strip within international moral disability

The International Commission Hashd 250 days with ongoing genocide war against Gaza Strip within international moral disability

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Date:13 Jun 2024 

Press Release

The International Commission”Hashd” 250 days with ongoing genocide war against Gaza Strip within international moral disability .
250 days have passed since the war of genocide in Gaza Strip, during which Israeli occupation was based on implementing a systematic plan for the destruction of civilian population in Gaza Strip by deliberately killing and imposing living conditions aimed at deliberately inflicting physical or moral harm to civilians; in addition to destroying cities, camps, residential neighbourhoods, citizens’ homes, all buildings, serviced civilian facilities and infrastructure, and imposing a policy of starvation and preventing humanitarian supplies from reaching large areas in Gaza Strip; including obstructing the work and targeting of international humanitarian institutions, especially UNRWA; This comes within the framework of continued official and public Israeli incitement and calling for the extermination of Palestinians in Gaza Strip.
The escalation of mass killings and massacres of Palestinian civilians, including the continuation and expansion of military attack on Rafah Governorate to the western coastal areas and the implementation of war and military operations such as those carried out in Jabaliya and the vicinity of Al-Shifa and Al-Zaytoun neighbourhood, the latest of which is the Al-Nuseirat camp operation, indicates the continuation of the Israeli plan aimed at genocide and making Gaza Strip an unlivable to live.
The war of extermination continues in light of the continued closure and complete blockade of Gaza Strip, and the establishment of unjustified restrictions that limit the access of aid, tools, medical supplies, fuel and all necessary goods to civilians, which proves once again Israeli occupation’s use of starving method as a war strategy.
The war of genocide and starvation practised by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian civilians resulted, according to the latest official statistics, the martyrdom and loss of (47,202) as a result of the commission of (3,300) massacres; among the martyrs (15,694) are child killed. And (63) they were killed as a result of famine; (10,367) killed of women; (498) from the medical staff; and (70) from the Civil Defence; 193 workers of the International Relief Agency, 150 journalists, and the loss of more than 10,000 citizens under the rubble of houses and shelter centres destroyed by Israeli occupation forces on the heads of their residents, and the injury and wounding (84,932) Palestinian; the destruction of about 80% of the houses and facilities of the Strip and facilities , hospitals, schools, universities, churches, churches, antiquities, shops, plantations, water wells and infrastructure, as a result of throwing (89,000) tons of explosives on Gaza Strip, forcing more than 90% of the population of Gaza Strip to forcibly displaced displacement and live in catastrous conditions, and the arresting nearly 6,000 citizens Unknown and without providing any information to their families or international organisations about them and about their conditions and places of detention.
The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (HASHD) believes that the international community is required to take decisive measures to stop the genocide in Gaza Strip in general; considering occupation forces and Government of United States of America are responsible for the lives of Palestinians in Occupied Palestinian Territory, and warning of the danger of the continuation of  famine in Gaza, exacerbating the suffering of people of Gaza as a result of the continuation of collective punishments and forcing them into repeated forced displacement. We refer to Israeli war occupation’s refusal to reach representatives of international press and media institutions as well as international investigative and fact-finding committees for Gaza Strip, which aims to obscure the truth and evidence related to crimes committed by Israeli occupation forces; so It demands the following:
International Commission”Hashd”:  Calls on the States parties to the Geneva Conventions, the Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide and the General Assembly of United Nations to convene in a format United for Peace, to stop Israeli aggression and provide international protection for Palestinian civilians in occupied Palestinian territories.
International Commission”Hashd”:  Calls on the international community, including international humanitarian organisations, to address crimes and Israeli measures aimed at destroying the population of Gaza Strip; and the real pursuit of the immediate introduction of humanitarian aid, medical supplies, fuel and all necessary needs to Gaza Strip; in order to stop the spread of famine and diseases in Gaza Strip.
International Commission”Hashd”:  calls the international solidarity movement with Palestinian, all countries of the free world and Arab, regional and international organisations to act at all legal, political, diplomatic, human rights and popular levels, to ensure maximising the humanitarian response and the flow of humanitarian aid, stop Israeli aggression and the war of genocide, work to boycott and hold Israeli occupation accountable and impose sanctions on it, support the rights of Palestinian to establish an independent Palestinian state with its capital Jerusalem and the right of Palestinian refugees return and self-determination.


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