The International Commission Hashd issues its administrative report on its interventions during (07 October 2023 until May 30, 2024)

The International Commission Hashd issues its administrative report on its interventions during (07 October 2023 until May 30, 2024)

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Date:11 Jun 2024

 Press news

The International Commission to Support the Palestinian Rights “Hashd”,
issued its administrative report on its interventions during (October 07, 2023 until May 30, 2024)

The Commission confirmed during the first axis of the report, which provides an overview of the environment of the report, that the Israeli war of genocide against Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip has been ongoing since the seventh of last October until the moment, and has claimed about 40,000 victims killed in cold blood; and more than 82,000 Palestinian civilians, the majority of whom are in danger of death, were injured; as a result of Israeli deliberate targeting of the health system in Gaza Strip; within the framework of an Israeli plan that clearly leads to making Gaza Strip an uninhabitable and living zone.

Dr. Salah Abdel Ati, Chairman of the International Commission “Hashd” , said that the continuation of the war of genocide and Israeli aggression posed an unprecedented challenge to the work team of International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights, especially in light of Israeli occupation’s military occupation to target the headquarters of the International Commission in Gaza City; severely damage it, and force the work team, like the rest of the civilians, to forced displacement to areas in southern Gaza Strip; later to other areas, and to pursue, threaten and kill the occupation to a number of activists, including human rights activists; making work and volunteering in this humanitarian field a crime in Israeli perspective, which seriously endangers the lives of volunteers, workers and activists, in addition to the temporary power outage; And the jamming of the communications and Internet networks, which led to the work according to the available supply of electricity and the Internet.

The report pointed out that despite these harsh and very complex circumstances,  the International Commission “Hashd” continued to play its role and implement the required and assigned tasks as allowed by the circumstances, and even these difficult circumstances prompted the team of the Commission to move towards continuing its efforts and its tireless and tireless endeavour to ensure that its role is embodied as (one of the voices of the victims of violations and their families) and convey their torments to the free world.

In the second axis of report, which dealt with the general indicators of the main interventions, the report noted that “Hashd” continued in a professional manner to provide a new language and style, during which it contributed to the abotion of part of the international solidarity movement with the victims of Israeli genocide war in Gaza Strip; and the serious pursuit of the use of the tools of international law and judiciary, to urge the international community to fight Israeli terrorism, and to seek to hold its officials accountable for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people in general in Gaza Strip.

In its interventions, the Commission focussed on monitoring, following up and documenting the crimes of Israeli occupation and following up on them with international bodies, United Nations organisations and international organisations, and exposing Israeli crimes and violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories in a way that enhanced the formation of an international public opinion against Israeli crimes and supporting Palestinian rights, and mobilising an important part of the international solidarity movement with the rights of Palestinian people and coordinating efforts through advocacy campaigns to protect children, women and civilians.

The Commission also employed the tools of international law and judiciary, where it played a pioneering role mobilisation with international and Arab bodies, especially to follow up with the International Criminal Court, provide the Public Prosecution Office with various reports and briefing notes and evidence on crimes committed by Israeli occupation forces, providing international, regional and Arab bodies with detailed and highly credible information on the crime of genocide and the human rights situation, and flagrant violations in occupied Palestinian territories, providing health and food and water assistance to the victims of Israeli aggression in cooperation with a number of civil and international personalities and authorities.

As for the second axis of the report, it focussed on the main outputs and activities carried out by the Commission during the report period, which confirms the contribution and success of the Commission in reaching results that come into contact with a large extent from the emergency plan drawn up by the Authority to address the basic interventions during the period of the War of Extermination.

The report reviewed the activities carried out by the Authority, most notably the issuance of (160) press releases, the issuance of (15) joint statements with (300) Arab and international human rights institutions within the framework of advocacy campaigns to condemn the crimes of the occupation, and the participation of the Authority’s working team by appearing (360) times through television, radio and read programs and reports, the organisation of (13) press conferences in hospitals, the continuation of the Authority’s media platforms, especially its social networking page (Facebook) and contribution to the exposure of Israeli crimes, where the interaction rate on the page reached (347 thousand) and new admiration recordings (14850). Approximately (32) urgent international appeals were also developed, prepared and sent to representatives of international and regional bodies, and (165) international messages were sent, (315) international and regional organisations and personalities, preparing and sending (145) communications and sending them to the international concerned bodies.

In addition to previous activities, the principle of international jurisdiction was activated, (6) lawsuits against the occupation and its leaders were adopted and filed in (6) European countries, (84) legal files were built and reviewed before the investigation team of the International Criminal Court and provided with all evidence and documents proving that Israel committed war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity, and submitted (271) written certificates and testimony from victims to the courts, international bodies, the International Commission and the Human Rights Council.

In terms of human rights reports and fact sheets, (5) human rights reports were issued; they formed the basis for a human rights and legal movement for human rights activists, most notably the report “Gaza Genocide”, 16 fact papers, position and policy papers were published and sent to the concerned authorities.

The Chairman of the Authority and the Ambassadors Network participated in international conferences that dealt with ways to activate international protection, hold the occupation accountable and enhance coordination and joint action to support the rights of the Palestinian people. The Authority’s working team also participated in more than (270) solidarity and advocacy events for the Palestinian people, inside and outside the Strip, in addition to organising advocacy campaigns to confront Israeli and American narrative, enhancing solidarity with Palestinian civilians through the network of ambassadors in the world, conducting international follow-ups with all international bodies, participating in the formulation of national initiatives, and organising dozens of psychological counselling activities and recreational days for children in tents and shelter centres in various areas of Gaza Strip.

In addition to previous activities, a health initiative was established via WhatsApp to provide medical and psychological services to the wounded Palestinians or those who have people in Gaza free of charge with the participation of 70 doctors and medical, and dozens of popular initiatives to provide humanitarian health and food assistance, follow up on the formation of support and control committees in some shelter centres in various areas in Gaza Strip and holding dozens of meetings and meetings on civil peace within the Palestinian society.

An Arab and international human rights coalition consisting of (66) human rights organisations from (29) countries was also formed, in addition to (600) lawyers and human rights activists, organising dozens of solidarity activities in different countries, holding dozens of meetings and meetings with delegations of international organisations, United Nations, European Union and the League of Arab States, holding meetings in the Egyptian Bar Association, Egyptian journalists and Arab trade unions, and organising (58) meetings, workshop, conference, or social networks in which hundreds of representatives of organisations around the world participated.

Abdel Aty concluded by confirming its determination to continue implementing its activities, despite the current circumstances and the scarcity of financial resources, and it is also determined to invest partnership relations with all Palestinian, Arab and international, and it is sincerely and seriously concerned with these partnerships, which it considers that they are the main reason for their success, calling on the free people of the world to support the struggle and rights of the Palestinian people, the support of the Commission and Palestinian civil society organisations, and the continuation of popular and human rights activities to stop genocide, ensure the flow of humanitarian aid, and hold Israeli occupation and impose sanctions on it to end its crimes and occupation of Palestinian territories.

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