International Commission (Hashd): The occupation authorities bear full responsibility for the death of Capt.

International Commission (Hashd): The occupation authorities bear full responsibility for the death of Capt.

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Number :/2023

Date: 2/5/2023

Press Release

International Commission (Hashd): The occupation authorities bear full responsibility for the death of Capt.

Khader Adnan, the hunger striker, on day “87” in their jails, and the international community is urged to take action to make the occupying power accountable for this crime.
The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (Hashd) condemns and rejects the death of prisoner Khader Adnan, 44, in the morning of Tuesday, 2-5-2023, as a consequence of abuses committed by the Department of Occupation Prison Service.
The captive martyr “Khader Adnan” went on an 87-day hunger strike in protest of his arbitrary imprisonment.

Sheikh Khader Adnan, 44, from Araba in Jenin, northern West Bank, is allegedly married with nine children and has been arrested since February 5. He had declared a hunger strike since his imprisonment and was later indicted by the occupying authority. Sheikh Adnan, on the other hand, has dismissed all of the charges.

Adnan has been sentenced to Israeli occupation jails for more than 11 years, during which six hunger strikes were undertaken, largely in protest of administrative imprisonment without accusation or trial.

Adnan went on strike for the first time in 2004, refusing to be isolated. 25 days, and in 2012 he went on a second strike that lasted (66) days; in 2015 he had a third strike of 56 days; in 2018 he had a fourth strike of 58 days; in 2021 he went on a 25-day hunger strike; and Khader Adnan managed to stand up to his repeated arbitrary arrests to force the occupation authorities to stop his administrative detention and discharge him. What about his sixth strike, which lasted 87 days and resulted in testimony?

According to Hashd statistics, the occupation authorities intentionally and consistently murdered prisoner Khader Adnan via a series of arbitrary measures and purposeful delay in failing to react to his just demand for his release. To halt the violations against him, to delay transfer to the hospital, and to keep him in handcuffs in the Ramla prison clinic despite a persistent decrease in his health and under the policy of malice and medical neglect towards the family, the international commission (Hashd) expressed her concern and worry that hostage Khader Adnan will be subjected to forced feeding, a form of torture.

With the death of Khader Adnan, the number of captive movement martyrs in occupation jails has increased to 237 since 1967.

The International Commission to Support the Palestinian Rights (Hashd) The Israeli occupation authorities bear full responsibility for the death of the said prisoner.

Due to its failure to deal with rights claims and mediators’ efforts, its rejection of all applications for early release, and its inaction and persistence in implementing the policy of slow killing and medical neglect against him despite the fact that his state of health has reached a very dangerous stage, the occupation courts refused to release him, apart from the systematic destruction of the detainee Khader Adnan during the period of detention and the open hunger strike.

This confirms that the Israeli occupying power, in all its institutions, has spoken of a decision to leave captive Khader Adnan to die. and reaffirming that the continued policies of the Israeli occupying power against prisoners and detainees constitute a real threat to their lives in prisons, given the lax inability of the international community and its institutions to halt Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian families and civilians by providing international protection and ensuring the imposition of sanctions on the Israeli occupying power and the question of its leaders as war criminals.

It affirms and demands the following:

1. The International Commission (Hashd) calls on the Permanent International Fact-Finding Committee to open an investigation into the circumstances of the death and to announce its results in preparation for holding its perpetrators accountable, including the obligation of the occupation authorities to assume their legal responsibilities towards Palestinian prisoners and detainees.

2. The International Commission (Hashd) calls on the Palestinian leadership to transmit the file of Israeli violations of prisoners and detainees and the murder of prisoner Khader Adnan to the International Criminal Court to urge it to open an immediate and serious investigation into this crime and the other grave violations to which they are subjected in Israeli prisons. Far from a policy of duplication and selectivity, politicization of international law and human rights law, and ending the years of impunity of Israeli occupation leaders.

3. The International Commission (Hashd) calls on the Palestinian leadership to adopt an integrated national strategy based on internationalizing the issue of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in occupation prisons. By activating Palestinian diplomacy, both official and popular, and by mandating Palestine’s embassies and missions to international organizations to activate solidarity with prisoners and detainees; by using all international and regional mechanisms to rehabilitate justice for Palestinian prisoners and detainees and to mobilize global support on their issues; and by putting pressure on the occupying power to stop its crimes against them until their release.

4. The International Commission (Hashd) calls on all national and community groups to intensify their struggle and national and popular action to support the struggle and family rights in Israeli occupation prisons, thereby contributing to their protection and release.

The International Commission to Support the Palestinian Rights (Hashd)

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