Press Release

Press Release

I.C.S.P.R: Address legal briefing memorandum about

Siege crime of Gaza Strip to the member countries in the Security Council.


Gaza Strip/ International Commission to support Palestinians to support Palestinians Rights (I.C.S.P.R) Addressed on Tuesday 10 January 2017, legal briefing memorandum offered to the 155 member countries in the Security Council (permanent and non-permanent) about Israeli siege crime of Gaza Strip, State of Palestine Mission at the United Nations and United Nations Secretary-General, in order encourage them to develop a legal and humanitarian action aims to develop a resolution draft demanding the Israeli occupation state to immediately begin the final siege lift procedures of Gaza Strip and deliver humanitarian aid to the population of Gaza,  and  encourage the  Security Council to intervene by taking a binding decision of the Israeli occupation state to take real action to lift the siege on Gaza Strip, and the decision includes a suitable and realistic international mechanism to ensure the commitment of the occupation State of this decision.

The legal briefing memorandum ( about 20 pages) provides a number of concrete and documented indicators during the period between 2006 up to 2016, these indicators and issues reflect the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip due to the continued siege crime on Gaza over the past 10 years, which demonstrates the Israeli Occupation State Forces lack of respect for all international humanitarian laws in the Palestinian occupied territories human rights conventions, and in particular in Gaza Strip.

The legal briefing memorandum, considered the ongoing crime of the siege on Gaza Strip, creating a real threat mounts as time goes on for 2 million Palestinians opportunities  to have their rights and their needs including basic services and dilute the success of any sustainable development opportunities in the Palestinian society, and waste the Palestinians’ hope in a future where they enjoy the respect of their rights as human beings.

The memorandum affirms that the Security Council is specialized in this case, the fact that the siege of Gaza presents the international peace and security to high risks, and it consider “genocide”, according to Article 6 (c) of International Criminal Court, as it represent a violation  of the international humanitarian law rules, and collective punishment prohibited under international law of human rights rules, and among international conventions  the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 to protect civilians in war, which indicates the legal obligations which cast on Israel as occupation state about civilians, also prohibits collective punishment measures reprisals against civilians.

The memorandum declared that Issuing a resolution from the Security Council about the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip, including forcing the occupation state of Israeli to lift its siege procedures on Gaza Strip, responds to the standards of justice and international equity, and intersects with the main objectives of the Council represented in hard work in order to maintain international peace and security.

The memorandum based on many international evidence, among them the Security Council members discussion in (mid-2015 ) the deteriorating of humanitarian situation in Gaza because of the Israeli repeated aggression and continued siege, which prevents Gazans to move freely, and deprive them of a decent livelihood, and waste their hope of a better future, during a council meeting at its headquarters in New York City , it has called for the meeting of the permanent Mission of Malaysia to the United Nations in partnership with the permanent Mission of Jordan to the United Nations, and Secretary-General of the United Nations, during his speech in the Security Council session on Palestine, held on Friday, December 16, 2016 he confirmed that “Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem are occupied Palestinian land since 1967, warning that the situation in Gaza is very sensitive and will explode if the restrictions haven’t been waived, noting that the Israeli settlements and the pressure on Gaza are preventing Palestinians to develop”.

And it has been sent a copy of the memorandum to Ambassador Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations, to encourage him to intervene diplomatically and legally in order to put the crime of the siege in Gaza Strip on table of discussion in Security Council,  in order to develop an international resolution draft demanding the Israeli occupation state to lift the illegal siege on Gaza Strip

Sending this memorandum in (English and Arabic) by the International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights, constitute a first step in a systematic campaign launched by the commission, where will follow this step, addressing Members of the Human Rights Council, to put them in front of their international responsibilities, and work with the persons of international law of various States, International Organizations ,Members of Parliaments and International Human Rights Organizations to pressure the Israeli State for lifting the illegal siege of Gaza Strip, including  carrying it legal and ethical responsibility on the results and impact of the Israeli siege over the last ten years.

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