Press Release

The popular and political statement 

 issued by

The Popular Court for the Prosecution of Israeli War Criminals.

Occupied Palestinian Territory / Gaza Strip: On the basis of our humanitarian and national responsibility, and in order for the world to hear the voice of the Palestinian victims, who still have the hope of being supported by international justice to have their legitimate rights, especially their right to effective judicial and legal fairness to tell the international community that your efforts to narrow the scope of impunity won’t succeed as long as Israeli war criminals are not affected. On more than one occasion, the international community has learned from the reports of international fact-finding committees that the Israeli occupation forces promote the level of international crimes described in the Rome Statute.

On behalf of the Palestinian victims, and on behalf of all advocates of humanity:

Considering the proofs that hold the Israeli occupation forces international responsibility Responsibility for individual, leaders and their subordinates in the Israeli military occupation state is proven by their unequivocal evidence of their planning and implementation of a number of international crimes described in the Statute of the Criminal Court.
In view of the continued denial of the Palestinian people’s rights, primarily the right to political and economic independence, the return and compensation of refugees and the empowerment of the Palestinian people as enshrined in the human rights conventions,
In view of the continued status of Israeli systematic and planned arrogance over the principles and rules of international law and justice, and the established international action, principles agreed upon by the international community, to ensure a world free of aggression and injustice.
As all observers see Israel’s continued access to immunization in the face of international law and justice, especially in the framework of the American illegal and humanitarian role, which provides immunity to Israel and its soldiers.
Due to the crimes committed during the aggression against Gaza Strip, the Israeli settlement crime, and the systematic violations against Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli prisons and detention centers.

Based on the facts of the three mentioned cases in the pleadings and written memorandums, which constitute a point in the systematic Israeli criminality, and on the basis of the above-mentioned judgment of our Court, and on the implicit authorization of victims and their families, children, women, the court demands that:

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) calls for progress and steps to move forward from the long-standing preliminary study and the opening of an international investigation into Israeli crimes, particularly as the Israeli judiciary continues to deny justice, as well as the continuation of the legislative and executive branches in the occupying state to implement clear policies that deny the concepts established in customary international law.
The Supreme National Committee responsible for follow-up with the International Criminal Court demands that the victims and the Palestinian society be provided with adequate explanations and answers about the Palestinian track in the court’s effectiveness and work hard to exert pressure on the PNA in order not to wait for the results of the preliminary study, under article 14 of the Statute, as a State party to it.
Calls upon the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and international institutions to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights, to hold accountable perpetrators of violations and to enforce international legitimacy resolutions relevant to the Palestinian cause in general and in particular with regard to (the file of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli prisons, the file of Israeli aggression on the civilian population and the Palestinian civilian objects during the summer of 2014, and the file of the settlement crime in all its forms).
Calls on all Palestinians to work hard to ensure the rehabilitation of the internal situation, including the legislative and policy compliance of the international conventions system to which Palestine has recently acceded.
Calls upon jurists and human rights organizations to work hard to contribute to the building of a national strategic plan that will ensure the accountability of the Israeli occupation judges for their crimes against the Palestinian people in a framework that integrates the roles of all Palestinian professionals, friends around the world, the Arab and Muslim world to ensure access to a distinct level of work with all actors in the file of the International Criminal Court..
Calls upon the free world to stand side by side with justice, to prevent grave violations of the Palestinian people’s rights, and to move urgently towards isolating, boycotting and holding the Israeli occupation accountable. The Palestinian people have the right to enjoy freedom, justice and self-determination.
To consider this statement as a national working document and as an international message for all peace and justice seekers, the Court and the Palestinian victims look forward to working in a manner that ensures the Palestinian victims to have their legitimate rights.

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