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I.C.S.P.R present Legal briefing memorandum on Siege results

International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights (I.C.S.P.R) present Legal briefing memorandum entitled “Siege results – the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip” which delivered to the Security Council, United Nations, Human Rights Council and International legal institutions.

Dr. Salah Abdel Atti, The Commission chairman, opened the workshop, welcomed all the guests, and discussed the memorandum with group of researchers and jurist, the memorandum delivered to all members of Security Council calling them to take action to discuss the situation.

Abdel Atti added “the memorandum also dedicated to Human Rights Council in Geneva, to the Palestinian Ambassador in United Nations in New York, the Palestinian Ambassador in Geneva to encourage the international community to immediately begin the final siege lift procedures of Gaza Strip, It also delivered to High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Secretary-General,  Human Rights Organizations and Parliaments members in regional and international organizations in order to employ the tool of international law and international relations to ensure criminalization of Israeli siege and resulting issues.”

Abdel Atti clarified that the workshop aim to discuss what we can do as Palestinians to focus the light on the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip and begin the final siege lift procedures. Dr. Samer Mousa, Programs Director, present a brief on the memorandum, which includes six main axes discussed beside the introduction reflect Siege results on citizens enjoyment of their basic rights, undermining the Palestinian political system development and obstructing the reconstruction of Gaza Strip then it ended with recommendations.

Mousa affirms the importance of the Security Council intervention; the memorandum clarified Israel Crossings closure policy, that occupation state follows a mass borders closures policy, and open them in response to humanitarian situations and under impossible conditions, Mousa mentioned that behind the borders closures and siege general disastrous consequences on the overall economic and social rights of Gaza Strip population, including high poverty and unemployment, and deterioration of the humanitarian and living conditions. Education sector also has been affected by the siege policy, which led to the obstruction and disrupt the infrastructure of educational institutions in Gaza.

The memorandum recommend the need to intervene of security Council by taking a binding decision of the Israeli occupation state  to take real action to lift the siege on Gaza Strip, and emphasizing on the roles and responsibilities of the international community to ensure compliance with international law.

The participants commend the Commission effort in exposing Israeli violation of human rights in Palestine, they also affirms on the importance of end the split and restore the national unity, meanwhile its required serious action by Palestinian Authority and all parties to work to end the siege of Gaza Strip, everyone agreed on the importance of supporting all efforts to lift the siege on Gaza Strip and stop deterioration of human rights.

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