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With implementation resolution of “land levelling”

I.C.S.P.R: Demand (International organizations-regional organizational- Palestinian leadership) for immediate action to Occupying force State to immediate downturn.

The Israeli Knesset passed land levelling Act, two days earlier, where 60 member voted in favor of the resolution, with 52 Member vote against the law, this came after the Israeli Knesset on 05 December 2015 to adopt  this resolution on the first and preliminary readings, majority of (60) votes and (49) oppose.

Since the date that this law came into effect and actual application, means legalizing and plundering more Palestinian lands for Israeli settlement project in Jerusalem and occupied West Bank via legalize settlement outpost scattered in different spots in the area (c) its legalization approximately 474 settlement unit, 184 settlement, 171 settlement outpost, plus 93 houses controlled wholly or partly in West Bank, as in Jerusalem 29 settlement 15 in eastern part and 15 in western , and ensuring annexation it to military Israeli State.

This, the issuance of the law coincided in time, with an unprecedented rise in Israeli Government decisions to build thousands of housing units (settlement) in the West Bank and Jerusalem, It was preceded by an unprecedented escalation in the campaign of forced displacement by the occupation authorities in Jerusalem and area (c), according to the United Nation Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the number of facilities destroyed by the occupation authorities during the first three quarters of the year 2016  reached 885 building and facility resulted in displacement 1247 citizen, the highest number in one year in the Palestinian territories since the start of the International Organization monitoring the demolition processes in 2009.

Military Israeli occupying State aimed from issuance and implementation of this law, reaching a set of goals, among them, legalizing the actual force of lands and properties of the Palestinian citizens, planning to annexation settlements outposts to the Israeli State, allowing full annexation of the West Bank, and basically undermines the two-State solution.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (I.C.S.P.R) consider this law as a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, as a derogation from the principle of the inadmissibility of the occupied territories, where that principle considered as the main principle of the established principles of international law that regulates the relationship between the occupying power and the occupied territories, as constitutes flagrant violation of the Rome Statute considering law confiscating private land by occupied State and grant it to its citizens, in addition to violating all international norms relating to the rights of peoples and human rights, an Israeli defiance of the resolutions of the international community, expressed in Security Council resolution (2334) issued on 23 December 2016 which state the illegality of Israeli settlements.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (I.C.S.P.R) strongly condemns this unprecedented act, considering that the silence of the international community and regional law, means granting Israeli State a green light to carry out an international crime, and terminate illegal and racist in international conventions and legislation, dose not issued either from rogue State nor criminal, acting as a State above the law, and recalling that the entry will be compounded by the suffering of Palestinian civilians, it:

1. I.C.S.P.R stresses that what has called the law of land levelling, a very serious step, and warning of its application mean legalizing grabbing citizens’ lands in the West Bank, in favor of establishing more settlements or expand existing ones as a prelude to annexing settlement blocs.

 2. I.C.S.P.R indicates that all settlement activities and Israeli robbery consolidation procedures in the occupied Palestinian territories is a war crime under international humanitarian law, apart from being a clear violation and hardcore to the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy.

3. I.C.S.P.R Demanding international organizations particularly the United Nations, the Security Council, regional organizations, particularly the Arabic League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to intervene and take action to guarantee countering the settlement activities and Israeli crimes and pressure to stop this legislation and all its ramifications and applications.

4. I.C.S.P.R Calls the High Contracting Parties on the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their legal obligations under article 1 of the Convention, which undertakes to respect and to ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances, as well as their obligations under article 146 of the Convention to prosecute those accused of grave breaches.

5. I.C.S.P.R Demands the Palestinian leadership to take national , international and diplomatic action to counter this decision, raising Palestinian claims to dismantle settlements and not only demand their illegality, and the actual start of Israeli accounting procedures and refer criminal court settlement and international adoption provincial campaign and insulation for an occupying power, and strengthen the steadfastness of citizens in front of expulsion and deportation and resettlement schemes and Judaization.

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