Press Release

On the eve of the first meeting between the Palestinian and US Presidetn

ICSPR warns form any agreement that sacrifice of Palestinian People’s rights

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (I.C.S.P.R) following with concern the meeting of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the American President Donald Trump in Washington on Wednesday 3 May 2017, especially in light of what media news reported about new American ideas and political deal, to revive the so-called settlement and peace process between Palestinian and Israelis.

This Presidential summit was preceded by the arrival of the Palestinian delegation, which consist of senior Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, The intelligence Chief Majed Faraj, Mr. Mohammed Mustafa, Chairman of Investment Fund to Washington, who -as announced – have made dialogue with American Administration to prepare for the visit of President Mahmoud Abbas.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (I.C.S.P.R) affirms the right of the President Mahmoud Abbas, and the Palestinian diplomacy to meet any international or regional party, as long as these diplomatic meetings based on Palestinian national principles, as it recall of the biased role of the United States to the Israeli State’s interest ,therefor it demand the following:

1- ICSPR consider that any Palestinian-American agreement, must be fully consistent with International Law principles and norms, it’s not acceptable  to sacrifice in the international law and politicize international resolutions about Palestine, to return once more to the former and absurd negotiations without any real guarantees to halt settlement , and dismantle the settlements, so there is no point in negotiations in light of the continuing Israeli crimes and violations under the policy of annexation and judaization of Jerusalem and expanding settlements, as well as the denial of the Palestinian people rights in self-determination, because Israeli Occupation will use negotiations under these circumstances to enforce new facts and committing further serious violations and disregarding the obligations imposed upon the occupying power according to International Law, therefore we warn of compatibility with fictitious enterprises designed to liquidate the Palestinian cause through promotion of international or regional projects that would sacrifice the Palestinian people rights.

2. ICSPR emphasizes the importance that Palestinian and American presidents to realize that it’s humanly and legally unacceptable to abandon the rights of peoples in order to achieve political gains to Israeli Military occupation , while continuing to provide Israel immunity in the face of international justice.
ICSPR emphasizes that the continuing to bet on U.S.A Administration will not lead to results on the ground, contribute to enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their internationally recognized rights, chiefly the right of political and economic self-determination and freedom from occupation and colonization.
ICSPR calls the Palestinian President and the Palestinian diplomacy on the importance of refusing any current or future step that will sacrifice of established and internationally recognized Palestinian rights, above all self-determination right and the establishment of an independent State with Jerusalem as its capital, and to ensure the right of Palestinians to return to their homes and properties according to the resolution 194, and other rights guaranteed by International Humanitarian Law and human rights conventions and resolutions related to the Palestinian cause.
ICSPR calls to restore the Palestinian national unity and recharge the Palestinian leadership with real legitimacy rather than being stuck with an expired leadership. In addition to a completion of all preparations for holding Presidential and Legislative elections, strengthening the political partnership and ensuring the participation of all Palestinians in the political decision-making process that affects their self-determination.
ICSPR calls the Palestinians to stick to their right of holding the Israeli occupation accountable for all crimes that violate the provisions of International Law and promote the Palestinians right to account and reject the policy of temporizing and suspending the steps aims to hold the Israeli occupation accountability and isolation, which deprives the Palestinians of the necessary tools to support their struggle and their rights of defense against the Israeli crimes.
ICSPR calls upon all national, Palestinian communities and all free people of the world to turn this visit into a national and international movement; through which a strong Palestinian position stands with the rights of the Palestinian people. This will ensure serious action to end the siege and support the detainees with their dignity battle of hunger strike as it continues for the 16th consecutive day.

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