Press Release

Press Release

ICSPR condemns arresting the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) deputy Khalida Jarrar

The International commission to support Palestinian right I.C.S.P.R condemns that military occupation force has detained the deputy Khaleda Jarrar 53 years old  on Sunday morning 2nd July 2017, after  the Israeli  military occupation force implemented wide campaign raids in Occupied West Bank, and arrested a number of leaders of popular front for the liberation of Palestine(PFLP)especially the parliament deputy Khaleda jarrar, Khitam Sa’afin, a feminist activist, and the ex-prisoner Ehab Masoud, and number of activists in Hebron, Al-beera and Bethlehem.

It’s important to mention that Ofer military court has issued a resolution in 6 December 2015 to arrest the deputy of the parliament Khaleda Jarrar for 15 month obliged her to pay financial penalty almost 10,000 N.I.S, and imprisonment for 12 months and suspended sentence for five year, after the Israeli military force break into her house in Al-Ersal neighbored in Ramallah and arrest her on 2nd April 2015, moreover the occupying Israeli military forces has issued a resolution in 20 August 2014  to exclude the deputy Khaleda Jarrar from her home in Ramallah to Jericho for 6 months, claiming that she is a threat to the security of the region.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (I.C.S.P.R) express its solidarity with the deputy Jarrar and her family, ICSPR condemns the arrest of Jarrar for the second time during two years, as it declare it’s intention to address the International, European and Arab Parliaments in order to make serious action to stop this crime, therefore; ICSPR demand the following:

ICSPR consider Jarrar’s detention an Israeli systematic policy aimed at destroying the Palestinian political system through arresting members and deputies of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), since Change and Reform bloc has won with the majority at PLC during the General Election in January 2006.
ICSPR calls upon the International Community especially the International and European Parliament to use all means of pressure on the Israeli Government to release the deputy Khaleda Jarrar and other Palestinian deputies who are detained in Israeli jails.
ICSPR calls upon the PA to renounce wait-and-see policy, and to make serious action and address the UN, International Organizations and international judicial bodies in order to isolate and boycott the military Israeli occupation.
ICSPR demands the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention  to fulfill it’s obligations to respect and ensure respect of their obligations arising from that Convention, in all circumstances, and to undertake measures to ensure compliance by Israel with the Convention.

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