The international Commission Hashd Israeli occupation state is committing a heinous massacre and accost by targeting the tents of displaced in Rafah

The international Commission Hashd Israeli occupation state is committing a heinous massacre and accost by targeting the tents of displaced in Rafah

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The international Commission “Hashd” Israeli occupation state is committing a heinous massacre and accost by targeting the tents of displaced in Rafah. The crime continues the genocide and approves a flawed draft “law” that declares UNRWA a terrorist organization in defiance of all United Nations resolutions and the measures of the International Court of Justice

The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights “Hashd” condemns in the strongest terms the heinous massacre and the Holocaust committed by Israeli occupation forces in the displacement camp in the west of the city of Rafah, which left dozens of martyrs and wounded whose bodies were burned and coaled by the targeting of the tents of the displaced with eight missiles of warplanes that caused the burning of tents, killing and martyred 40 martyrs and the injury of nearly 60 others, most of them children and women with various wounds, except for the burning of tents in the camp of the Al-Baraks of Palestinian Refugee Relief and Works Agency.

The international Commission “Hashd”: Israeli occupation state and its war forces continue its aggression against the city of Rafah, deliberately targeting civilians, committing massacres against them, destroying homes, hospitals and shelter centers on top of them, which caused the rise of 190 martyrs in less than 24 hours, and continuing to obstruct the entry of humanitarian aid and the closure of the Rafah land crossing to the travel of the wounded, the patient, the needy owners, and the entry of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and fuel missions, continued to use the weapon of starvation and collective punishment, in defying and contempt and rejecting the resolutions of the resolutions of International Court of Justice and the relevant United Nations and in flagrant violation of the rules of international humanitarian law and human rights charters.

The international Commission “Hashd”:Israeli occupation forces continue to commit massacres, torpedo and destroy residential neighborhoods, homes, hospitals, markets and infrastructure in Rafah Governorate and northern Gaza Governorate, especially the Jabalia camp, the Tel Al-Zaatar area and the Beit Lahiya project. The occupation forces deliberately bomb and target civilians in houses and shelter centers with killing, arbitrary arrests and forced displacement, while they continue to prevent ambulance crews and civil Defense from evacuate the injured and relive dozens of bodies of martyrs scattered on the roads, and under the rubble of houses, while the systematic and indiscriminate bombing of warplanes and the defensive weapons continues.

The international Commission “Hashd”:Israeli occupation forces arrested 180 citizens from one of the shelter centers in northern Gaza after they were killed, tortured and transferred to unknown and secret places, while occupation forces continue to prevent the Red Cross and other human rights organizations, in addition to their refusal to disclose the conditions, conditions and places of detention of more than 6,000 detainees and detainees from the Gaza Strip in a dedication to the crime of enforced disappearance and violation of the provisions of the Third Geneva Convention for the Protection of War and Fourth Civilians for the Protection of 1949.

The international Commission “Hashd”: Gazans are living the horrors of the genocide war of the eighth month, which caused the destruction of 80% of the houses and facilities of the Strip, the death and martyrdom of nearly 50,000 martyrs and missing, the wounding of more than 80,000 citizens, 70% of the victims, children and women, and the forcibly displaced all residents of Gaza Strip, most of them are at risk of death and death due to the continuation of massacres, acute famine, lack of foodstuffs and the state of extreme poverty experienced by the population, the spread of diseases and epidemics, and the scarcity of humanitarian aid on which the residents of Gaza depend, the arrival of settler militias and the occupation forces, while the occupation forces continue to close most of the border crossings in the north of the south of the Strip, especially the crossing Rafah Al-Barri after its occupation on May 5, 2024, while he did not enter from the water pier since the announcement of its operation, whether 100 trucks, which confirms the control and deliberate use of starvation as a weapon of war with the aim of destroying the residents of Gaza and pushing those left of them to forcible migration outside Palestinian territories.

The international Commission “Hashd”: strongly condemns the ratification of Israeli Knesset by preliminary reading a draft law declaring UNRWA a terrorist organization in a cumulative continuation of the multiple violations by occupation against it, despite the immunity enjoyed by international organizations of United Nations, especially International Relief Agency, which works based on the mandate of United Nations General Assembly, in a precedent that perpetuates organized state terrorism and denies the Charter and resolutions of the United Nations related to the Palestinian cause, through which Israeli occupation state aims to liquidate the Agency and the Palestinian refugee issue within the framework of the fascist right’s plan in resolving the conflict through genocide, settlement, colonial annexation, racial discrimination, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement.

The international Commission “Hashd”: calls on the international community, the United Nations and the States parties to the Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide, the Geneva Conventions, international and regional organizations, and the free peoples of the world, countries and peoples to take serious and decisive action to boycott the Israeli occupation state, impose sanctions and expel it from United Nations to force it to stop its crimes and aggression against Palestinians and the war of genocide in Gaza Strip, and the rest of the crimes, including attempts to obstruct and liquidate the work of International Relief Agency, hold Israeli responsible for these crimes, provide international protection to Palestinians, and form an international humanitarian alliance that ensures the enforcement of the measures of International Court of Justice and intervene by various means to stop the crimes of Israeli occupation, and to ensure the flow of humanitarian aid He supported the struggle of Palestinian for self-determination, an end to the occupation, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the return of refugees in accordance with resolution 194.

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