On the 28th day of The International Commission (Hashd), call upon the nations of the world, international and regional organizations to take immediate action to stop the Israeli aggression and genocide in the Gaza Strip

On the 28th day of The International Commission (Hashd), call upon the nations of the world, international and regional organizations to take immediate action to stop the Israeli aggression and genocide in the Gaza Strip

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 Date: 3 Nev 2023

Time: 13:00 local time

Original Language: Arabic

Urgent Humanitarian Appeal

On the 28th day of The International Commission (Hashd), call upon the nations of the world, international and regional organizations to take immediate action to stop the Israeli aggression and genocide in the Gaza Strip

We address this urgent humanitarian appeal to the people of the world and all international organizations and nations, each according to its legal and moral responsibility, to immediately and urgently pressure the belligerent state of Israel to cease its genocidal crimes and ongoing military aggression in the Gaza Strip. Since October 7, 2023, and up to the time of writing this appeal, the Israeli military has continued its relentless attacks on civilian areas and infrastructure using various types of ground, air, and naval weapons without any distinction, proportionality, or necessity, in complete disregard for all principles of international humanitarian law.

Israeli warplanes persist in targeting and destroying residential areas without prior warning, constituting a consistent pattern of acts that can be categorized as genocide, committing nearly 1000 massacres against Palestinian families, some of which have been removed from civil records, while the rest have lost dozens of their members. Israel has used an unprecedented intensity of firepower, estimated to be around 25,000 tons of explosives and ammunition, equivalent to two and a half nuclear bombs, in a territory that covers 360 square kilometres with a population of 2.3 million, half of whom are children.

The Israeli military spokesperson has acknowledged targeting 12,000 objectives in Gaza, confirming the scale of the ongoing crimes against civilians, particularly children and women, as well as civilian structures that had been designated as military targets. This constitutes a complete disregard for international humanitarian law and the rules of war, and it reflects the statements made by the Israeli Prime Minister, the Minister of War, and other Israeli officials, characterized by racism and fascism.

The heinous Israeli aggression and ongoing genocide for 28 consecutive days have led to the martyrdom of 9,275 Palestinian civilians, including 3,826 children, 2,405 women, 37 journalists, 135 medical and rescue personnel, and 21 civil defense teams. Furthermore, 23,516 civilians have been wounded, with one-third of the injuries being severe, resulting in disabilities, amputations, and fourth-degree burns. Approximately 2,100 people are still missing under the rubble of their homes, which have turned into graves for their inhabitants, including about 1,150 children.

The Israeli aggression has forcibly displaced nearly 1.7 million people, with 700,000 of them residing in UNRWA schools, while the others are scattered in hospitals, government schools, universities, mosques, churches, relatives’ homes, and the homes of friends. They are living in dire humanitarian conditions characterized by a shortage of water, food, and services, as well as the absence of electricity, water, and communication. Diseases and health emergencies are spreading, and environmental conditions are deteriorating. Citizens spend long hours waiting in front of a few remaining bakeries or non-potable water wells. Some of these locations have been targeted in the hunger, thirst, displacement, and siege warfare.

The humanitarian situation for civilian populations continues to deteriorate, with all economic and social rights eroding. Security is absent, and access to healthcare, food, medicine, water, electricity, and suitable housing is impossible. Furthermore, the ability to communicate with humanitarian service providers and the outside world is limited. All of this is compounded by the terror and intimidation faced by children, women, and civilians.

The Israeli aggression has led to a demographic change in Gaza, as evidenced by satellite images that show the extensive and unprecedented destruction of residential towers, multi-story buildings, civilian homes, neighborhoods, and civilian infrastructure. According to international and governmental estimates, approximately half of the buildings and structures in Gaza have been either destroyed or severely damaged. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has reported that half of its buildings and assets have been damaged, some directly during the aggression. The government media office has reported the destruction of 8,000 residential buildings, equivalent to over 280,000 housing units, with the complete or partial destruction of 87 government buildings, 63 mosques, 3 churches, 214 schools (with 45 completely destroyed), 100 health facilities, the closure of 16 hospitals, and 32 primary care centres. Moreover, 17 bakeries have been damaged, and dozens of service facilities, health facilities, bakeries, water wells, and commercial shops have been affected. Economic, agricultural, and service facilities and infrastructure have been severely damaged.

In a dangerous development, Israeli warplanes deliberately targeted the most densely populated refugee camps, erasing neighborhoods and residential squares in the Jabalia, Shati, Bureij, Maghazi, Nuseirat, and Khan Younis camps. Three UNRWA schools were targeted with white phosphorus bombs, causing the deaths and injuries of dozens of displaced people residing there.

Over the past three days, Israeli forces have expanded their ground incursions through five axes in northern Gaza, northwest of Gaza City, southeast of Gaza City, eastern Bureij and Maghazi, and eastern Khan Younis. These ground incursions were conducted under heavy air, ground, and naval cover, resulting in the destruction of houses, streets, residential neighborhoods, and farms. The ground incursion in eastern Gaza City even cut off Salah al-Din Street and Rashid Street, effectively dividing the north and south of Gaza, impeding the movement of civilians, who were killed by Israeli forces and left in the streets. Ambulances were prevented from evacuating them. This hampers the delivery of scarce aid from the south of the Gaza Strip to the north. In addition, the Israeli forces invading the environment deliberately damaged infrastructure, streets, and fired at civilian vehicles and ambulances while building fortified positions for tanks. These tanks continue to destroy residential buildings and neighborhoods and kill civilians.

The humanitarian conditions for the civilian population continue to worsen, with a loss of economic and social rights, as well as security, and a lack of access to healthcare, food, medicine, water, electricity, and suitable housing. Moreover, the ability to communicate with humanitarian service providers and the outside world is limited, and civilians are living in fear and intimidation, especially children, women, and civilians.

On the 28th day, the hospital administration announced the shutdown of the main electrical generators at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and Al-Rantisi Hospitals in northern Gaza. This was due to the ongoing blockade of fuel and persistent power outages, which pose a serious health catastrophe and risks of death and harm to patients and the injured. Additionally, the hospitals are unable to provide healthcare services due to shortages of supplies and the suspension of medical equipment. The hospitals are also threatened with forced evacuation and the surrounding areas being shelled. Tragically, four cancer patients died after the Turkish hospital dedicated to cancer patients, which served nearly 10,000 patients, was bombed and rendered inoperative.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces have escalated their crimes in the West Bank against Palestinian civilians and their properties. Israeli forces have killed 132 civilians, injured around 2,200, and arbitrarily arrested 1,900 Palestinians. Israeli officials have continued to make racist and fascist statements, calling for on-field executions and the extermination of Gaza’s population, as well as inciting displacement, all of which have manifested in the escalating Israeli occupation and the actions of terrorist settler militias. Thousands of settlers have been armed and allowed to engage in killing and assaulting Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. Furthermore, incitement campaigns and arrests persist within Palestinian communities in the 1948 territories.

In a notable development, Israeli forces released approximately 7,000 Gaza residents who had been detained since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza. Dozens of them reported being tortured, robbed, prevented from visits, and subjected to inhumane conditions that violate their dignity. Unfortunately, one worker, Riad Wash Aga, died due to severe torture.

The International Commission (Hashd): affirms that the practices and crimes of the Israeli occupation are in complete violation of all international agreements and treaties, primarily the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and The Hague Conventions. These actions demonstrate an unjustifiable disregard for the legal responsibilities of the occupying state towards the inhabitants of the occupied territories, as stipulated in the laws governing the war authorities of the occupying state. These legal rules mandate the protection of civilians and civilian properties under all circumstances, prohibiting acts of killing, torture, revenge, and retaliation against civilians and their properties.

The International Commission (Hashd): to resist the occupation by all means recognized by international agreements and norms. It expresses concern and condemnation of the international community’s failure to halt the ongoing genocide, war crimes, and collective punishment in Gaza and other occupied Palestinian territories. Hashd warns against the dangers of expanding the Israeli aggression and condemns the double standards and attempts to politicize international law.

The International Commission (Hashd):calls upon the United Nations, high contracting parties to the Geneva Conventions, international and regional organizations, parliaments, civil organizations, and unions, to act immediately, individually and collectively, to halt the aggression. The continuation of this aggression allows for the killing of children, women, and innocent civilians and the destruction of their properties in Gaza. Hashd calls for the application of the rules of international humanitarian law to ensure the cessation of actions based on the law of the jungle in Favor of promoting the rule of law, justice, and international accountability for genocide and human rights violations. It also urges serious efforts to end the Israeli occupation, dismantle the racist colonial apartheid system, and enable the Palestinian people to achieve their legitimate rights in accordance with United Nations resolutions.

In conclusion, we hope that you adopt this urgent appeal in your capacity and on behalf of your organization, and take all necessary solidarity actions to ensure the response to these just demands as quickly as possible, as waiting for tomorrow may be too late, resulting in the loss of more lives.



The International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights (Hashd)



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