The International Commission “Hashd” requests that security forces halt arbitrary arrests and immediately release political detainees.

The International Commission “Hashd” requests that security forces halt arbitrary arrests and immediately release political detainees.

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Reference number: 103/2023

Date: September 13, 2023

Native language: Arabic

Press release

The International Commission “Hashd” requests that security forces halt arbitrary arrests and immediately release political detainees.


The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights “Hashd” is deeply concerned and condemns the escalation of arrests of popular resistance activists by security services in the West Bank based on political affiliation and expression of opinion and expression, including the crime of refusing to enforce release rulings issued by the judiciary and arbitrarily subjecting detainees to torture and ill-treatment, in a phenomenon that reveals the extent of the exclusivity and dominance with which the Palestinian Authority deals with its citizens, in contravention of national laws and its international obligations in the field of respect for human rights.

Hashd reiterated its regret and condemnation of the continued failure of security services to comply with the law in their dealings with citizens’ rights and freedoms and warned of the dangers of treating internal issues, particularly those related to national issues, with bullying, exclusivity, and hegemony and recalling Due to the dangers of this to civil and societal peace, which is still suffering from crises of confidence, divisions, and tensions, as a result of these practices that violate the law and national assembly, and reaffirming that every attack on any of the personal freedoms or the sanctity of a person’s private life, and other public rights and freedoms that Guaranteed by the Basic Law, it is a crime from which the criminal or civil lawsuit arising from it is not subject to a statute of limitations, and the National Authority guarantees fair compensation to whoever is harmed. Accordingly, it registers and demands the following:

  • The International Commission “Hashd”: calls on the Palestinian government to issue clear directives to security services regarding the criminalization of political detention, as well as the immediate release of all political detainees, to achieve a Palestinian state free of political detention and torture, as it is a fundamental right of citizens under national laws and international conventions, particularly those to which Palestine is one of the signatories.
  • The International Commission “Hashd”: The prosecution requests that the Ministry of Interior form a committee to investigate incidents of arbitrary detention and allegations of those detained for exercising their rights and freedoms, including their exposure to torture, ill-treatment, and harsh investigation, and to publish the findings in a way that ensures accountability, compensation, and reparation for them, to prevent their recurrence in the future. Within the context of international affairs.
  • The International Commission “Hashd”: Demands a national code of honor to criminalize fighting, political and arbitrary detention, and detention for resistance to occupation, as well as the need for security services to adhere to national and international human rights law, as well as codes of conduct governing the tasks of those charged with enforcing force, the most important of which is the prohibition of torture and respect for the guarantees and rights of the accused.
  • The International Commission “Hashd”: calls on the various national forces and components to accelerate toward reconciliation and end division, strengthen civil peace, partnership, and national reconciliation, and adopt a national strategy to confront Israeli occupation violations and enhance citizens’ steadfastness and dignity, particularly in light of current challenges and the occupation’s denial of the most basic national rights and its attempts to impose its will on citizens and its attempt to annex the West Bank and the establishment of the apartheid system.


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