The International Commission “Hashd” Youth Dialogue Forum unveils the action plan it has created for the next stage.

The International Commission “Hashd” Youth Dialogue Forum unveils the action plan it has created for the next stage.

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 Reference number: 47/2023

Date: June 13, 2023

Native language: Arabic


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The International Commission “Hashd” Youth Dialogue Forum unveils the action plan it has created for the next stage.

 The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights ‘”Hashd, ” Youth Dialogue Forum had an introduction meeting with the forum’s new members.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Ghandour, Coordinator of the Commission’s Activities and Advocacy Department, welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of the forum that works to adopt and defend youth issues in a way that achieves fairness and justice, protects youth rights, and strengthens their role and position in the decision-making circle.

Dr. Salah Abdel Ati, head of the International Commission “Hashd,” spoke about the role of youth and the need to develop the roles of their youth participation so that they can participate as an active element in the national struggle and the process of democratic transition, as well as strengthening their capabilities in addressing the phenomena of unemployment, poverty, and the absence of political, economic, and societal participation.

Focusing on the importance of respecting young people’s rights and freedoms, addressing issues of poverty and unemployment, increasing their political participation in rebuilding all institutions of the political system, issues of reconciliation and elections, improving harmonization between the outputs of the academic and vocational education systems and labor market requirements, and giving small youth projects priority while granting them special treatment and opening a serious dialogue with youth and official and civil authorities.

Dr. Abd El Atie identified the declining state of young people’s situation, during the division, the absence of government policies and weak capabilities, the lack of an effective national policy concerned with youth, and the resulting high rates of crime and immigration, as well as the decline in educational conditions; the lack of interest in youth, in addition to the absence of hope, the spread of frustration, the lack of ability and influence, and the loss of confidence; stressing that the forum aims to raise the voice of youth and activate their role in protecting their rights and strengthening their position and their national and societal role.

Ms. Rana Abu Hudaib, Coordinator of the Legal Unit, spoke about the Youth Dialogue Forum, noting that it is an opportunity to unify the efforts of youth, social, popular, and human rights leadership in a partnership and teamwork methodology, and to address the problems of unemployment, poverty, immigration, extremism, drugs, and a lack of services, as well as pressure to find solutions to the demands of the youth in Palestinian society.

She reviewed the forum’s objectives, which include finding a youth incubator that supports youth rights, ensuring the widest representation of Palestinian youth in the decision-making process and protecting their rights, adopting various youth issues and rights and defending them, raising youth voices on various national and societal issues, implementing creative youth initiatives, and putting pressure on decision-making bodies to adopt development policies.

At the end of the meeting, the Youth Dialogue Forum participants praised the work of the International Commission  “Hashd” in preserving the rights of youth and the Palestinian people. A variety of key human rights, developmental, and artistic activities for youth have been advocated. The conference concluded with an agreement on the forum’s work plan for the next stage, featuring entails holding conversation sessions with relevant authorities and officials, as well as launching advocacy efforts. Community problem meetings and activities aimed at organizing full-fledged elections, igniting the road of democracy and young political engagement, and establishing informal communication amongst youth components, which contributes to activating the role of youth in society and their response to various national and humanitarian challenges.



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