Reconsideration of your decision to discontinue food aid to families in need in the Gaza Strip.

Reconsideration of your decision to discontinue food aid to families in need in the Gaza Strip.

A humanitarian appealImportantMain

Reference Number: /2023
Date: May 10, 2023
Native Language: Arabic

A humanitarian appeal

Reconsideration of your decision to discontinue food aid to families in need in the Gaza Strip.


The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (Hashd) expresses its appreciation for your excellent participation in promoting food security for low-income families as a fundamental human right that is essential and without which no human person can live in dignity. As a human rights institution and as recipients, we were informed of your recent decision to suspend food assistance for Palestinian poor families, the neediest and poorest, which coincides with rising indicators of poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity for roughly two-thirds of Gaza’s households. Despite the occupying power’s keeping the blockade and illegal restrictions for over 16 years in a row and the disastrous consequences for the general human rights condition of the population in the sector, humanitarian assistance is an important means of access for poor families. “unacceptable humanitarian catastrophe,” which signifies that the decision to halt and cut off help to a significant number of recipients will result in a humanitarian disaster.

  the International Commission for Supporting Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) sent all the institutions of the international community Among them : Secretary-General of the United Nations and World Food Program

According to available information, the program has announced the suspension of food assistance to over 200 thousand Palestinians, or 60% of benefited cases, beginning in June, affecting poor families who rely heavily on food assistance, and that unless the food program receives funding, it will be forced to suspend food and cash assistance completely by August. The decision was made known to the beneficiaries via text message, which read: “In light of WFP’s current lack of financial resources and in the interest of WFP continuing food assistance to the neediest and most vulnerable groups, we regret to inform you of a pause in your family’s food assistance beginning June 1, 2023.”

In light of the foregoing, while expressing our deep concern about the resolution’s consequences, noting our opposition to it, and emphasizing that negotiation and good offices with States and international organizations, particularly the United Nations, should have been used to ensure that the necessary funding is provided for the program’s work, without prejudice to the politicization of humanitarian and relief funding by victims and beneficiaries, we encourage you to reconsider your decision to discontinue food aid to Gaza’s needy households. To ensure the continuous supply of support and humanitarian aid for its benefits as a practical translation of respect for the requirements of human rights legislation, which secures a decent existence for all human beings.


The International Commission To Support Palestinian Rights (Hashd)

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