The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights “ICSPR” organizes a graduation ceremony for researchers in the “Eighth Batch” Human Rights Researcher Program ICSPR

The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights “ICSPR” organizes a graduation ceremony for researchers in the “Eighth Batch” Human Rights Researcher Program ICSPR

Date: August 27, 2022

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The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights “ICSPR” organizes a graduation ceremony for researchers in the “Eighth Batch” Human Rights Researcher Program ICSPR

 The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights “ICSPR” organized a graduation ceremony for researchers in the “eighth batch” of the human rights researcher program, consisting of 25 researchers from the Gaza Strip.

The ceremony was opened with the Palestinian national anthem, followed by the reading of Al-Fatihah for the souls of the martyrs, then a short film about the program was shown, then a welcome speech by the researcher Moataz Bahar.

During his speech, he welcomed Dr. Salah Abdel-Aty, head of the international body “Hashd”, thanked the participants and the guests, thanking the trainees for their efforts during the program, and the partner, the Center for Strategic Initiative Palestine – Malaysia, who contributed in providing partial funding for the program. He also thanked the program’s work team and trainers.

Abdel-Aty pointed out that “hashd” and within the human rights researcher program developed various tools and means in order to advance the youth research through a long-term program, which is “Preparation of the Human Rights Researcher”, which is based on three strategic goals,
First, to raise the status of youth in society and enhancing their participation and engagement to face the national and humanitarian challenges represented in defending their rights and the rights of their people.”

Secondly, benefiting from the energy and capabilities of Palestinian youth in monitoring, following up, and keeping abreast of all human rights violations. Over the course of the launch of this program, the participants were able to develop and issue 39 fact sheets, policy papers, position papers and qualitative human rights reports, part of which were translated into English, and were sent to all International human rights organizations and published on “hashd” platforms and the media, and sent to all decision makers concerned with these issues. Young people dealt with the topics of Jerusalem, refugees, prisoners, the siege on the Gaza Strip and forced displacement. They also shed light on all violations of the occupation throughout the year, as well as violations that included The Ministry of the Interior, elections, political transitions, civil peace, high prices and reconstruction, women’s and children’s issues, people with disabilities, women and dozens of other topics and issues.”

Abdel-Aty added: “The third goal is to develop new human rights tools in the legal space, according to a strategy based on qualitative research.

The head of the international body “Hashd” expressed his overwhelming happiness at graduating a group of jurists and researchers, despite all the challenges and obstacles that were overcome by teamwork, calling on decision-makers to listen carefully to the voices, hopes, aspirations and ideas of young people because they have energies that are sufficient if invested. Better industry to come.

In turn, said Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zaim, head of the Strategic Initiative Center Palestine – Malaysia: “We urgently need such models and training projects that hone talents and develop the skills of young people to pursue the many crimes that do not stop at any end.”

During his speech, he added: “We are very happy to cooperate with the international body “Hashd”, so that we can have a share in defending our legitimate national rights,” thanking the authority and its team, and all researchers in the program.
On his part, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ustad spokeman of the trainers in the program, saying: “If a word is necessary, it must be said that “Hashd” is a great institution in all the meaning of the word, and its greatness comes from its activities, and its ability to reach all persons in Palestine and abroad, as it was able to It touched on all topics and issues that our Palestinian people suffer from, as it is a qualitative institution.”

He expressed his happiness that he was one of the team of trainers in the program, where graduates were trained on how to write papers, which began to take a new and different direction and became a new trend in various parts of the world, pointing out that any scientific progress is based on scientific research and this is what it adopted, planned and drawn His international body “crowd”.

He called on the graduates to adopt the culture of scientific research, disseminate it and transfer it to universities, friends and colleagues so that the message would reach decision makers through those papers.

The graduates’ speech was delivered by a. Zarifa Abu Qurra said: “My colleagues and I joined the Law Research Program’s eighth batch, during which we completed research papers that put each of us a scientific imprint in the world of information scrutiny. Facts Let’s put the problem under perspective, where we diagnosed the problem, then prepared solutions, and documented our references, thanking the international organization “Hasd” with all its team, and for the supporters in the Center for Strategic Initiative Palestine – Malaysia, and for all the trainers in the program.

Abu Qura reviewed her experience in joining the “Eighth Batch” Program of the Human Rights Researcher, the challenges she faced during her participation, and how she was able to overcome them.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to 25 male and female researchers participating in the “eighth batch” of the human rights researcher program, and the trainers were honored. The team of the international body “Hashd” was honored for their efforts and outstanding performance in facilitating and making this program, which lasted for 8 months, a success.

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