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Press Release

Press Release

ICSPR PA forces 6,000 Gaza civil servants into early retirement

International Commission to Support Palestinian Right I.C.S.P.R followed with concern that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has announced it will force more than 6,000 employees in the Gaza Strip into early retirement, in the latest attempt to pressure Hamas which controls the territory.

The approval of this illegal and unjust resolution into actual implement means the increasing of human suffering on Gaza strip people’s, especially that the majority of employees who forces to early retirement are working in the ministry of education and health, which is an evidence to a carefully considered plan of the presidency and Palestinian government institutions to impose a new situation that will increase the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Right I.C.S.P.R reaffirms its rejection of sanction and the sequence actions against Gaza Strip, and it consider that restoring the national unity is invaluable, and not in this illegal and immoral way, but it’s the only way to restore the national unity through the dialogue that will leads to the national consensus.

The International Commission to Support Palestinian Right I.C.S.P.R emphasizes the illegality of this resolution, especially that it does not achieve any public interest, but it’s achieve political goals at the expense of law and employee rights who haven’t receive their employment rights of financial bonus and others during the period of division, despite of their absence from their work that imposed by presidential and governmental decisions, ICSPR express its solidarity with employees who forces to early retirement , as it urges them to move in a peacefully and legally way to reject this procedure, therefore; ICSPR calls upon:

ICSPR emphasize that the decision to refer more than 6000 civilian employee to early retirement considered racist and discriminatory policy against employees of the Gaza Strip, and their families, and comes under a plan that government will withdraw its legal and moral responsibilities towards the Gaza Strip, especially it’s not the first of its kind, but preceded by a series of procedures, including deducting and cutting salaries and deprivation of bonuses and allowances.

ICSPR demands the President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Government to withdraw this resolution immediately, pursuant to rule of law and justice, and to prevent the arbitrary actions within the political conflict.
ICSPR calls upon all competent authorities to object at this procedure and stop it by all legal and judicial ways in addition to community and trade union movements.

ICSPR demands all Palestinian to restore national unity and halt the decline in the political system, rights and freedoms situation in preparation for presidential and legislative elections to the National Council.

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