Press Release

Press Release

ICSPR reducing Gaza electricity supply would lead to the collapse of basic services, and ominously real catastrophe

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) followed with deep concern the intention of the Israeli Occupation to reduce Gaza electricity supply, as respond to the request of the Palestinian Finance Ministry that justified this request because of the government in Gaza dose not supply revenue funds to the Treasury.

This illegal, inhuman and politicized decision will enter into force in the next few days, which means more than 20 million Palestinians living in Gaza Strip will suffer from disastrous results, and these catastrophic results will affect their rights at all levels, whether it’s health, social and daily life, these rights already degraded by the ongoing Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip, it’s been two months of electricity crisis that led to a serious deterioration in the level of basic services provided to citizens, particularly health services, environmental services, including drinking water supply and sanitation.

The continuing crisis of electricity in Gaza Strip has not only impacted on all aspects of life of the Palestinians but also had an inhuman influence such as the ability of hospitals to work and provide health services to citizens, and lack of potable water, and effects on the ability of municipalities and localities to do their roles for the preservation of public health and the environment, in addition to the  effects on the educational sector, and the effects on industry and the food industry.

The current electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip, which is expected to worsen to program does not exceed two hours a day, and the accompanying Palestinian Government Notice to the Israeli Government of disapproval of the Ministry of finance and the Palestinian Presidency to pay the electricity bill supplied to Gaza Strip through Israeli lines, and asking to stop electricity supplies to Gaza Strip for political reasons is illegal and inhuman, created an anomalous situation exacerbated to physical and psychological effects of being part of presidential actions against Gaza Strip.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) consider the content of this statement is a humane, ethical and legal message addressed to the Presidency and Cabinet, to hold their legal and ethical responsibilities through urgent action to resolve the crisis in Gaza Strip, and halting any politicization of the electricity service, including reconsidering of the concession contract signed between the Palestinian Authority and Gaza Power Generating Company.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) emphasizing the responsibility of Israeli State towards providing everything that would facilitate and ensure the life of the population in the occupied territory, as well as it express shock toward the Finance Ministry request for the occupation to stop paying the electricity bill for Gaza Strip, therefore ICSPR record and claimed:

ICSPR calls upon the president to stop the collective punishment policy against employee and the citizens of Gaza, and to intervene to find urgent solution to the electricity crisis in Gaza Strip, particularly under the deterioration of economic situation.
ICSPR demands the Palestinian Government to put the electricity crisis in Gaza Strip, on the agenda of its meetings and to take a decision to continue to pay the full bill for electricity of Gaza Strip, and to take a decision to raise blue tax other taxes on industrial fuel allotted to run Power Plant completely, and to employ 161 kV line running from the Israeli network.
ICSPR demands the Energy and Natural Resources Authority and Gaza Electricity Distribution Corporation to transfer the payments belonging to the specialized authorities in order to be able to employ the Power Generating Company, and to avoid the service sectors any political problems.
ICSPR held all international and Palestinian parties the legal responsibilities of the disastrous results due to continuing the electricity crisis in Gaza Strip.
ICSPR demand the international community to intervene in order to pressure on Israeli Occupation to stop it systematic policies against electricity sector, and to fulfill its legal and ethical obligations towards the civilian’s in Gaza Strip according to Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.
ICSPR calls upon the United Nations, the European Union, Arabic and Islamic States and humanitarian organizations to intervene to end the crisis of electricity in Gaza Strip, by every possible means available including procedures to provide power plant fuel to run by development grants and to link Gaza power grid to the eighth electricity network, and contribute to the completion of the draft to start generating electricity with natural gas.

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