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ICSPR calls upon a national dialogue to save Gaza 

The international commission to support Palestinian Rights issued Policy analysis paper entitled “The Economic and Social Conditions in Gaza Strip (Statistics and tragedies)” , which has prepared by the researcher Mansour Abu Karim,and has emphasized  that all indicators and evidence confirms that the economic, social and humanitarian situation in Gaza on the brink of collapse , and  that the continuation of the current crisis will lead to a humanitarian disaster in Gaza Strip ,thereby its necessary to find an exit from this  condition through national unity.

The International Commission has pointed out that the Palestinian territories got in with the Palestinian’s government decision to cut salaries of PA employees a new phase of the strained relations between Fatah and Hamas, which was reflected on the overall political and economic situation in Gaza. Moreover, that there are concerns of a breakdown of the political situation between Fatah and Hamas returning to the internal fighting situation again.

The commission also has expressed some fears of committing exchanged irregularities and violations of human rights outside the law either in Gaza or in the west bank, due to the tensed political relations between Fatah and Hamas. Therefore, it called on the International Community and international institutions to compel the Israeli occupation to stop the collective punishment and lift the siege on Gaza Strip, which deprived its inhabitants of their fundamental rights enshrined in international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

The Commission called upon the international community and the United Nations to hold their legal responsibilities in order to ensure that the Palestinian people are enjoying the right to self-determination, and the embodiment of the Palestinian state by ending the Israeli occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories.

ICSPR stressed that Palestinian factions and parties must end the internal division that causes in further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza under siege of Gaza and continuing Israeli violations, which express the need to put an end to the conflicts, and strengthening the steadfastness of Palestinian society.

ICSPR invited the Palestinian factions, national and Islamic forces to take their national role in exerting pressure on the parties to the primacy of national unity and the interests of the Palestinian people. In addition, to start a comprehensive national dialogue, leading to agreement on a national action program and a common strategy to meet the challenges, under the U.S. desire to restart the negotiations.

The paper has recommended that the consensus Government must do its role in Gaza, until the formation of a national unity government, with the need to cancel all decisions taken by the Government during the past period.

ICSPR has pointed out the importance of intensifying the awareness of drugs dangers, focusing on religious and health campaigns through mosques, local neighborhood committees, health centers, and media (video, audio, written, e-mail).

The paper has recommended to neutralize the electrical file away from political parties, as both the energy power Generation Company and electricity Distribution Company must find solutions in order to halt the deterioration situation of citizen’s lives.

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