ICSPR begins its “election monitoring and campaign management” training course.

ICSPR begins its “election monitoring and campaign management” training course.

Date : 2 Mar 2021 

Press Release

Occupied Palestine / Gaza: The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights (ICSPR) and the National Coalition for Monitoring Elections, started on Sunday 28/2/2021 a training course for election monitoring and electoral campaign management in the Gaza Strip.

The meeting was opened by the chairman of ICSPR “Dr. Salah Abdul Atti”,  who indicated that the training will take place over a period of three days, where the first-day addresses the election law and election oversight, the second day focuses on managing electoral campaigns, the role of the electoral campaign manager, and the third discusses developing the training of trainers for election monitoring.

Abdul Atti started the first day of the training by introducing the elections, the proportional representation system, the election law, the stages of the electoral process, the requirements for holding the elections and the obstacles facing the general elections in Palestine by the occupation and in light of the division. In addition to what is expected from civil society, jurists and media professionals to strengthen the democratic path.

Lawyer Muhammed Khalifa from ICSPR said that: monitoring elections is divided into two types: local and international, where the local monitoring consists of a group of coalitions in civil society organizations in the Gaza Strip, as for international monitoring, it is represented by observers from other countries for the fear of distorting the elections with fraud that could occur during the electoral process and to ensure proper transition of power.

He added: monitoring the elections is embodied in following the conduct of the electoral process in order to reach fair, free and transparent elections without any violations that may occur.


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