ICSPR condemns the Israeli President’s storming of the Ibrahimi Mosque.

ICSPR condemns the Israeli President’s storming of the Ibrahimi Mosque.

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Ref: 144/2021

Date: 30 Nov 2021

Press release,

ICSPR condemns the Israeli President’s storming of the Ibrahimi Mosque.

In the strongest terms, the International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights “ICSPR” condemns the storming of Israeli President Isaac Herzeg of the courtyards of the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Hebron on Sunday, November 25, 2021, where the occupation forces prevented worshipers from reaching the Ibrahimi Mosque and prevented Palestinian citizens who gathered to condemn the storming and forcing shop owners to close their shops, and hindered the work of press crews and assaulted a number of them, in an attempt to prevent them from covering.

The policy of repeated Israeli storming into Palestinian places blatantly violates international resolutions related to the Palestinian cause, especially Security Council and General Assembly resolutions regarding holy sites.

ICSPR stresses that storming holy places come within the framework of promoting settlements, and considers that these violations would not have accelerated if they were not for the international silence and the American bias.

ICSPR warns against attempts to impose the sovereignty of occupation on the holy places, in contravention of the principles of international legitimacy and international humanitarian law. Therefore:

  • ICSPR calls on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to assume its responsibilities towards the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Hebron, and to demand Israel to stop targeting archaeological and religious sites in the Palestinian territories.
  • ICSPR calls on the international community to immediately intervene to stop the Israeli violations of Palestinian sanctities.
  • ICSPR calls on the Arab and Islamic countries, the Arab League, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to start international, political, diplomatic and legal moves to pressure the occupation to immediately stop the policies of imposing alleged Israeli sovereignty over the holy places, including calling for urgent and exceptional meetings to form an Arab and Islamic position to address the escalation of the occupation’s crimes against the occupied city of Jerusalem and its holy sites.


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