Abd AlAti calls on the international community to take decisive action to stop the ongoing massacres in northern Gaza

Abd AlAti calls on the international community to take decisive action to stop the ongoing massacres in northern Gaza

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Date:19 May 2024

Press statement

As the Israeli aggression continues for the 225th day,

Abd AlAti calls on the international community to take decisive action to stop the ongoing massacres in northern Gaza

Dr. Salah Abd AlAti, the head The International Commission to Support the Rights of the Palestinian People “Hashd”, reiterated that for 225 days, the Israeli occupation has continued its aggression and crimes against the Gaza Strip, perpetuating genocide against Palestinian civilians who have been living and continue to live through unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the history of humanity.

Abdul Aati condemned, in a press statement, the Israeli military’s continued perpetration of further massacres, the worst of which was the massacre carried out earlier today in Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip, after targeting a whole residential block, adjacent to Abu Hussain School, leading to the martyrdom of more than 40 Palestinian citizens and the injury of dozens, in addition to targeting displacement centers, clinics, and medical centers, and the quasi-total destruction of Jabalia camp, where more than 300 houses were completely razed by aerial bombardment and artillery shelling, with the aim of retaliating against civilians and making Gaza Strip uninhabitable.

He pointed out that the chapters of genocide are still continuing in the face of the continued closure of the Rafah crossing south of the Gaza Strip for the twelfth consecutive day, and the scarcity and shortage of food aid, which has led to the worsening of living conditions and humanitarian crises, especially the famine that has begun to strike in all areas of Gaza, especially for the residents of the northern Gaza Strip who have been forced to flee their homes due to continuous bombardment and the ground invasion of the northern governorate.

Abd AlAti warned of the consequences of the continued closure of the crossings and its impact on the catastrophic humanitarian conditions, which have resulted in a shortage of humanitarian aid, medical supplies, fuel, and the deaths of dozens of wounded and patients due to the shortage of medical supplies and drugs, and the cessation of most hospitals’ services due to the occupation’s destruction of them. He also warned of the danger of tolerating the crimes committed by the occupation in various areas of Gaza, where it is re-invading areas that have previously been invaded in order to completely annihilate them, and this requires serious international action to ensure the cessation of genocide and the opening of crossings for the flow of humanitarian aid.

He called on the world countries and the international community to bear their responsibility to ensure the protection of civilians from the crimes committed against them, as the toll of martyrs is increasing due to massacres, famine, disease, and the spread of epidemics and catastrophic conditions that civilians have been living through for the eighth consecutive month.

Abd AlAti warned against expanding the targeting, bombing, and ground attacks in Rafah, which has led to the displacement of more than 650 thousand citizens to other areas where life is almost nonexistent, as they suffer from a lack of food, medicine, medical supplies, and water, and they live in extremely harsh and difficult conditions.

He noted the continued Israeli occupation’s prevention of humanitarian aid from reaching through the crossings, and the continuation of massacres and the use of hunger as a weapon of war against civilians, coinciding with the sessions of the International Court of Justice ruling on imposing measures to withdraw the occupation forces from Gaza and stop the attack on Rafah, hoping that the court will expedite a decision to stop the aggression and demanding its referral to the Security Council for voting on measures to enforce the court’s decisions, even with the possibility of the American veto on the court’s decision, which makes America a state above the law and increases its isolation, along with the state of the Israeli occupation.

He called on countries and free people of the world to act to stop the deception and silence on such crimes, which give the Israeli occupation a green light to continue achieving its goals of ethnic cleansing and genocide, turning the Gaza Strip into an uninhabitable disaster area, ensuring the protection of Palestinians.

Abd AlAti called on Arab countries to implement the minimum decisions of the Arab summit and turn them into an action plan to form a barrier against the plans of the occupation and America to rearrange the region.

Abd AlAti praised the movements of students and free people of the world, countries, peoples, and human rights and trade union organizations supporting Palestine, and urged them as partners in the struggle for humanity to escalate international pressure to stop the ongoing genocide war, ensure the flow of humanitarian aid, enhance the protection of Palestinians, and support their just struggle to end the Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem and the return of refugees in accordance with Resolution 194, urging the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court to expedite and accelerate the preliminary investigations and issue arrest warrants against Israeli war criminals.

Abd AlAti called on all Palestinians to press for national consensus on a unified and comprehensive strategic leadership until the reconstruction of the Palestine Liberation Organization on the basis of democratic partnership, and called on the State of Palestine to refer the crimes of genocide to the International Criminal Court and join South Africa’s lawsuit and move to ensure the holding of a conference for the high contracting parties to the Geneva Convention to ensure the provision of protection and the application of the rules of international humanitarian law, calling for action before the United Nations General Assembly under the slogan “United for Peace” to ensure an action plan that ends the occupation and provides international protection forces and imposes sanctions on the state of Israeli occupation.

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