75 years since the Nakba of the Palestinian people

75 years since the Nakba of the Palestinian people

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Date: May 15, 2023

Original language: Arabic

Press release

75 years since the Nakba of the Palestinian people

The commemoration of the Nakba at the United Nations is a unique and unprecedented step. It must be translated into practice by enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their right to independence and return

Monday, May 15, 2023, coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Nakba of Palestine, represented by the crimes of forced displacement and ethnic cleansing that the Palestinian people were subjected to in the year, at the hands of Israeli gangs. This occasion passes as the Israeli occupation state continues to act as a state above the international rejection Compliance with international law resolutions related to the refugee issue, especially UN General Assembly Resolution 194 and the rest of the resolutions related to the Palestinian issue.

Commemorating the Nakba of the Palestinian people; With a unique and unprecedented step represented by an international resolution to commemorate the Nakba in the United Nations General Assembly; This is accompanied by the organization of a high-level event in the General Assembly Hall, the publication of relevant archives and certificates; This decision was sponsored by Egypt, Jordan, Senegal, Tunisia, Yemen, and the Palestinians, and won the approval of a majority of 90 votes against 30 votes against, with 47 abstentions.

The anniversary of the Nakba this year coincides with the continuation and escalation of the crimes of Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and the escalation of field killings, the outcome of which since the beginning of this year has reached 140 Palestinian martyrs, the abuse of the families of 4,900 prisoners and prisoners in the occupation prisons, the desecration of holy places and the announcement of settlement plans. The policy of home demolitions and displacement carried out by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, within the framework of the policy of imposing new realities by force, changing the geographical and demographic features of the occupied Palestinian territories; is contrary to the resolutions of international legitimacy, foremost of which is UN Security Council Resolution No. (2334/2016), which emphasized the non-existence of the legitimacy of settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories since 1967, including East Jerusalem. The resolution also called for an immediate cessation of all settlement activities on the occupied Palestinian territories.

The anniversary of the Nakba coincides; With the availability of hundreds of indications of the intentional, continuation and insistence of the extremist Israeli occupation government to implement the policy of racial discrimination and persecution against the Palestinians, in the 48 areas, and to continue organized state terrorism, land confiscation, expropriation of Palestinian property, fragmentation of the unity of Palestinian lands, isolation and separation of the population forcibly in various Palestinian territories, the adoption of several racist legislation, and the imposition of severe restrictions on freedom of movement and the use of land and resources; Judaization of the city of Jerusalem, and the continuation of the ongoing aggression and siege on the Gaza Strip for more than 17 continuous years.

The Israeli military occupation’s denial of all the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, especially the right of return of the Palestinian refugees, stipulated in United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 194 of December 11, 1948, and its denial of the right of the Palestinian people to determine their political and economic destiny, would not have been without continuation. The international community and its various organizations are in a conspiracy of silence toward the rights of the Palestinian people.

The International Commission for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd), as it reminds the international community of the tragedy and suffering that the Palestinian people have gone through since 1948 when they live in a state of refuge, dispersal and permanent violation of human rights, and as it affirms the right of the Palestinian people to return to their homes and restore their original property as a right historically, sacred and based on the principles of absolute right and justice before it is based on the principles of international law, it records and demands the following:

The International Commission (Hashd): believes that the right of return and the right to compensation are inalienable rights, bargaining, negotiation, or referendum and that they are fundamentally contradictory to all suspicious calls for resettlement, displacement, integration, dissolution, or compensation as a substitute for the right of return.

The International Commission (Hashd): calls on the international community to promptly and urgently intervene to compel the Israeli occupation to stop its crimes committed against Palestinian civilians and their property, and to work to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for the crimes of racial discrimination and war crimes crimes against humanity that it commits in full view of the international community and his organizations.

The International Commission (Hashd): calls on the international community not to sacrifice the principles of international law, by dealing with the issue of the Palestinian people as a rights issue ranked by international legitimacy, for this reason, the international community was required not to continue the conspiracy of silence by implementing what it was obligated to do following international law.

The International Commission (Hashd): stresses the importance of providing international protection for Palestinian refugees, by working to obtain a UN resolution granting UNRWA the authority to protect refugees in addition to its traditional tasks; providing it with an independent budget; To ensure that Palestinian refugees, wherever they are, benefit from international protection provided by the International Convention for the Protection of Refugees.

The International Commission (Hashd): The Palestinian parties are calling to restore national unity, reactivating the electoral process that was halted without real justification by a presidential decree, and rebuilding the Palestine Liberation Organization based on partnership and democracy in a way that guarantees activate its leadership and collective role and to strengthen the ability of the Palestinian people to respond for all the current challenges facing the Palestinian cause.

The International Commission (Hashd): urges the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attach special importance to ensuring the activation of the role of Palestinian embassies around the world, in a way that enhances its diplomatic moves to defend the rights of the Palestinian people, provided that this is within the framework of a well-defined national strategy, and not on a seasonal or partisan basis Just.

The International Commission for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd)

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