An urgent appeal for your situation in the catastrophic humanitarian situation in gaza strip

An urgent appeal for your situation in the catastrophic humanitarian situation in gaza strip

A humanitarian appealImportantMain

Number: /2023

Date: May 13, 2023

Original language: Arabic

A humanitarian appeal

An urgent appeal for your situation in the catastrophic humanitarian situation, following the closure of the border crossings with the Gaza Strip by the occupation authorities, in conjunction with the continuation of the military aggression for the (5) days in a row.

The International Commission for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd) presents you with kind regards and highly appreciates your constant keenness to intervene to put an end to human and humanitarian suffering, including your major efforts to protect and well-being civilians and those affected during the armed conflict. Including the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are now, for today (5) in a row, subjected to military aggression launched by the occupation forces using warplanes and suicide marches against the population, which resulted in the death of (33) citizens, including (6) children and (4) women. In addition to the injury of (147) citizens with various injuries as of the date of writing the appeal in TammamTime: 12:43 a.m. local time. Where these bloody attacks coincided with the closure of the Gaza Strip crossings with the world, in front of the movement of people and goods, and the consequent catastrophic repercussions on various vital sectors, according to the appeals issued by many parties, and in light of this it has become urgent to inform you of the matter, and urge you to intervene urgently By making more effortsBy using your legal and moral mandate, by taking immediate and specific measures that would exert sufficient pressure to compel the Israeli occupation state to stop its aggression and violations against civilians in the Gaza Strip, including pressure on the occupation authorities to ensure the opening of border crossings and to allow the free movement of goods and people, especially in light ofTalking about the crisis of fuel and medical consumables and obstructing the arrival of patients to their hospitals in the West Bank who need treatment outside the hospitals of the Gaza Strip, etc. from other sectors, and the consequent dire and unforeseen consequences.

I.C.S.P.R Sent the A humanitarian appeal to : The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,Secretary-General of the United Nations, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, High Commissioner for Human Rights , President of the Human Rights Council and The United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The continuous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the fourth day in a row, the concurrent closure of the crossings, and the tightening of illegal measures have imposed catastrophic challenges against the various sectors related to the rights of civilians in the Gaza Strip, whose population has been suffering from a brutal siege for the year (16) on respectively, food insecurity and the growing indicators of poverty, extreme poverty and unemployment, and the low quality of services due to the blockade and repeated aggressions. According to the information currently available, the current Israeli aggression on the Strip has left complications and very difficult humanitarian conditions, as follows:

It led to the death of (33) citizens, including (6) children and (4) women, in addition to the injury of more than (147) other citizens with various and varying injuries.

As a result, about (28) housing units were destroyed, in addition to (532) units, of which (37) were uninhabitable and (495) were severely damaged.

Fishing stopped for the fourth day, which caused 3,500 fishermen to lose their livelihood. Including preventing the export of more than 600 tons of agricultural products.

As a result of the aggression and the closure of the border crossings by the Israeli occupation forces, especially the Kerem Shalom crossing, the only one designated for the entry of foodstuffs and fuel needed for the only power plant, which threatens to permanently stop the station from operating according to the warnings within a period not exceeding 72 hours, in light of the departure of some lines from work as a result of the bombing.

The aggression and the closure of the Erez crossing prevented hundreds of patients from leaving the Strip to receive treatment abroad, especially those with serious diseases. Since the first day of the closure, (142) cancer patients were unable to travel for treatment, including (5) very serious cases, as well as in On the second day, (136) patients, including (3) cases, could not occupation forces also prevented the entry of the body of a patient from the northern Gaza Strip from entering the Gaza Strip after he died in Al-Mutala Hospital in occupied Jerusalem.

Closing the crossings would exacerbate the acute shortage of medicines, especially in light of the continuous shortage of medicines, which was recorded during April 2023. A shortage in the list of medicines amounted to (255) medicinal items with zero stocks, so the deficit rate was (43%), while it reached The number of zero items in the list of medical disposables in circulation (165) items, to beThe percentage of deficiency in it is (19%), and the zero classes in medicines for cancer patients, whose total number is (63) drug classes, amounted to about (27) zero classes. Primary health care services in all its forms have also been disrupted in governmental and private clinics affiliated with UNRWA, which means that medical services for patients with chronic diseases, including follow-up of pregnancy and childhood, and others, have stopped.

Behind the aggression and the closure of the crossings with the Gaza Strip, and the consequent catastrophic repercussions, including preventing the entry of fuel, are serious complications that impede the ability of local bodies concerning ensuring the provision of water and sanitation services to the population and the collection and removal of waste; According to the warnings issued by the Gaza municipality recently, the aggression and closure will prevent providing municipal facilities with energy, as a result of preventing the entry of the necessary fuel, which threatens, for example, that about 200 water wells will stop pumping 250,000 cups of water to the population, or operate for limited hours, in addition to stopping sewage stations and polluting sea water with more than 120,000 cups of water. wastewater daily. In addition to the impact of this on the process of collecting and transporting 1,800 tons of solid waste to the main waste dumps daily; This foreshadows a human health and environmental disaster that threatens the lives and safety of the population.

The Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip and the accompanying closure of the border crossings would exacerbate the difficult humanitarian and living conditions of more than two million people and would cause direct and indirect financial losses to the Gaza economy amounting to approximately 50 million shekels per day, as well as the continued closure of the crossings. and prevent the introduction of medicines specialized medical equipment and fuel, which would lead to the collapse of health services under critical conditions, in addition to the impact of the aforementioned on various aspects of the rights of civilians. For all of this, we call upon you, individually and/or collectively, to quickly intervene immediately and urgently to force the Israeli occupation to stop the aggression against the population in the Gaza Strip, and to open the border crossings for the movement of people and goods, to ensure the entry of fuel, medicines, and medical supplies, and to enable patients to pass to hospitals, in addition to supporting the sectors health and service sectors, by respecting the principles of international human rights law and international humanitarian law and taking measures to open a serious and responsible investigation into the occupation’s crimes against civilians and civilian property, to ensure that the occupation leaders are prevented from impunity. To restore consideration for the international law system in the hearts of the victims, we hope that you will intervene quickly now, as tomorrow may be too late.

Dr. Salah Abdel Ati

Lawyer and Chairman of the Board

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