One year after the assassination of press icon and truth fighter Shereen Abu Aqleh,

One year after the assassination of press icon and truth fighter Shereen Abu Aqleh,

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Reference Number: :/2023
Date 11/5/2023


Press release 

One year after the assassination of press icon and truth fighter Shereen Abu Aqleh,


The International Commission (Hashd): condemns the international failure to investigate journalist Shereen Abu Aqleh’s murder and demands an international campaign to hold occupation leaders accountable and prevent impunity.

On Thursday, May 11, the first anniversary of the assassination of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh, who was slain outside the framework of the law by occupation troops, and colleague journalist Ali al-Samoudi The occupying troops also shot anyone who attempted to assist them in a series of continuous crimes aimed at suppressing coverage of Israeli occupation atrocities. Other than the planned brutal attack on Shireen Abu Akleh’s caravan in Jerusalem and withholding the image and silencing the voice.

Despite the fact that all evidence confirms the occupying forces’ deliberate targeting of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, the occupying power has refrained from launching a serious investigation into this crime in order to pursue its policy of covering up occupation crimes and preventing accountability of its soldiers and leadership for this crime, and has refused to cooperate with international and American investigations into the crime as two USA nationals. “While all domestic and international investigations of human rights and media institutions, as well as United Nations organizations, have confirmed the occupying forces’ responsibility for this crime, as well as their condemnation of the occupation’s conduct and policies aimed at proving that what happened with Abu Akleh was a war crime, extrajudicial execution, grave violation of all standards of international humanitarian law, and war crime in line with the Rome Charter establishing the International Criminal Court, Despite calls for national and international action to hold the occupation officials accountable for the murder and assassination of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, the Israeli soldiers and leaders have gone unpunished. International condemnations, international humanitarian law, human rights norms, and Security Council resolutions safeguarding journalists and civilians have all been issued.

As the occupying power escalates its aggression and crimes against Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and attacks the Gaza Strip, 25 martyrs have been killed and approximately 80 civilians have been injured. Aside from the ongoing policy of field killings in the West Bank, which has resulted in 110 martyrs since the beginning of the year, “the settlement and settler crimes against Palestinians have escalated from their sources of land, the establishment and thousands of new settlement units, the policy of house demolitions, Judaization, the Jerusalem Civilian Sirala, and the sweeping of Christian and Islamic religious places, particularly Al-Aqsa Mosque; the continued policy of arbitrar, which included 13 prisoners victims, the most recent of whom was martyr Khader Adnan, in addition to purposely targeting journalists, where the occupying troops murdered the media in cold blood in 6-2022, The number of martyrs killed by the occupying forces has increased to 50 since 2000, in addition to arresting journalists, intentionally injuring them, targeting press institutions, impeding media work, preventing them from covering the press, and preventing foreign press crews from entering the Gaza Strip.

The International Commission (Hashd): Urges the international community, United Nations organizations, and Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions to work hard to hold the leaders and soldiers of the occupation accountable for the murder of journalist Shrein Abu Akil, as well as the remaining crimes committed by the Israeli occupying power against Palestinian journalists and civilians, and to provide international protection to Palestinian journalists and civilians.

The International Commission (Hashd): condemns the policy of double standards and selective implementation of international law, as well as the policy of inaction and the international inability to hold occupation officials accountable and give international protection to journalists. Deploring the failure of the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor to launch a serious investigation into this crime, as well as its ongoing policy of delaying investigations into Israeli occupation crimes, the Prosecutor of the Criminal Court calls for a decisive stance and serious investigations into the occupation’s targeting of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh to ensure that murderers’ impunity is avoided.

The International Commission (Hashd): Deplores the failure of the State of Palestine to refer this crime and the remaining occupation crimes against Palestinian civilians, journalists, and families to the International Criminal Court in accordance with Article 14 of the Rome Charter, apart from the failure to grant Palestinian national justice the right to hold occupation leaders and soldiers accountable for their crimes against Palestinians using the principle of accountability.

The International Commission (Hashd): calls for a national and international campaign by press institutions, human rights institutions, the Arab and International Union of Journalists, and international human rights NGOs to protect Palestinian journalists and hold Israeli war criminals accountable for their crimes against journalists, as well as to prevent impunity for murderers of two evils and other Palestinian journalists, and to impose boycotts and sanctions on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.



The International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (Hashd)



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