A delegation from ICSPR visits the headquarters of the Central Election Commission

 A delegation from ICSPR visits the headquarters of the Central Election Commission

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Date : 10 Mar 2021 

Press release

A delegation from ICSPR visits the headquarters of the Central Election Commission

Occupied Palestine / Gaza: A delegation from the International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights “ICSPR”, visited today the headquarters of the Central Elections Commission in Gaza City.

The delegation was headed by lawyer Salah Abdel-Atti, “chairman of ICSPR”, with the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Al-Ghandour, “Coordinator of activities department), Ibrahim Khader, “Media Advisor”, and Ms. Sawsan Hamad, “ICSPR’s spokesperson”.

In the headquarter, the delegation met the Regional Director of the Central Elections Committee, Dr. Jamil al-Khalidi and members of the Election Commission, including Dr. Youssef Awad Allah, and Chancellor Mazen Salem, during which, lawyer Abdel-Atti stressed ICSPR’s support for the work of the commission, praising its professional and independent role, which is strengthened by its field behavior over the years and past electoral experiences, and confirming the importance of strengthening the course of holding general elections and overcoming all obstacles to the democratic process.

Abdel-Atti referred to what ICSPR has done in the field of supporting the electoral process through educational and awareness-raising processes through social media, workshops and training courses, and the formation of the National Coalition for Election Monitoring, which consists of 37 civil institutions, and the agreement that ICSPR has concluded with the police in the Gaza Strip to organize “Train-the-trainers courses” for police officers on securing the electoral process, and activities to strengthen relations with various components of civil society, youth, women, and political forces.

In his turn, Dr. Al-Khalidi welcomed the visit and affirmed to Abdel-Atti the readiness of the commission to cooperate and coordinate to ensure the success of the legislative and presidential elections. On the other hand, he praised the work of ICSPR in educating the public and raising awareness. Moreover, Al-Khalidi expressed his willingness to cooperate in order to enhance the training courses that ICSPR conducts regarding the elections.

During the meeting, ways of cooperation and mechanisms for joint action were discussed to enhance the training of observers and the police apparatus and their role in maintaining the security of the electoral process. And both parties stressed the importance of the commission’s commitment to the outcomes of dialogue, law and independence was affirmed.


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