For the 60th consecutive day, The International Commission “Hashd” has witnessed the commission of genocide against the residents of Gaza. More than 16,000 have lost their lives

For the 60th consecutive day, The International Commission “Hashd” has witnessed the commission of genocide against the residents of Gaza. More than 16,000 have lost their lives

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Date: December 5, 2023

Time: 13:00 Local Time

Press Release

For the 60th consecutive day, The International Commission “Hashd” has witnessed the commission of genocide against the residents of Gaza. More than 16,000 have lost their lives, with 42,000 wounded, and nearly 8,000 citizens still missing under the rubble of their homes. Shockingly, 70% of the victims are children and women, indicating that Israeli military plans are based on genocide, ethnic cleansing, and deliberately targeting civilians, especially protected children and women, according to international humanitarian law.


  • The International Commission “Hashd” :The international community has failed to provide international protection for Palestinian civilians. The continued support from the United States and Europe, complicity, silence, and the UN’s inability, as well as the high contracting parties to the Geneva Conventions and humanitarian organizations, reveal a double standard and a failure to take countermeasures, including holding Israeli officials accountable as war criminals and imposing sanctions on the occupying state. This provides cover for the continuation of the genocidal war against the people of Gaza and war crimes in other occupied Palestinian territories.
  • The International Commission “Hashd” : 60% of housing units and buildings, equivalent to 300,000 residential units, have been destroyed, along with thousands of health, humanitarian, economic, agricultural, bakery, and water well facilities, as well as infrastructure. The division and isolation of Gaza’s provinces, forcing citizens into southern provinces, demonstrate Israel’s goal of destroying Gaza and turning it into an uninhabitable zone, pushing its residents into forced migration as a form of revenge and collective punishment.
  • The International Commission “Hashd” :The Israeli war crimes have led to the forced displacement of 80% of Gaza’s population, with 1.8 million people living mostly in UNRWA schools. These shelters have not been spared from Israeli forces’ crimes, deliberately targeting them with airstrikes, resulting in the death of nearly 250 martyrs and the injury of over 1,000 seeking refuge. This once again demonstrates Israel’s plan to annihilate Palestinians in Gaza.
  • The International Commission “Hashd” :The brutal targeting of medical teams and hospitals, resulting in the collapse of the health system, with 283 martyrs and the arrest of 56 medical staff, the closure of 75 hospitals and health centers, and the cessation of rescue and ambulance services in northern Gaza, reflects the Israeli occupation’s degradation of human and civilizational values, demonstrating unprecedented cruelty in history.
  • The International Commission “Hashd” :The limited entry of aid, medical supplies, and the necessary fuel to operate generators in hospitals and service facilities has plunged Gaza’s population into a humanitarian catastrophe and unbearable conditions. This is exacerbated daily due to the ongoing blockade, collective punishment policies, deliberate starvation, and hindrance of evacuation for the wounded, aimed at destroying what remains of Gaza’s population.
  • The International Commission “Hashd” :Israeli forces have committed 1,800 massacres against Palestinian families, bombing their homes and residential areas without prior warning, turning them into graves for their inhabitants. This illustrates Israeli cruelty and blatant disregard for international humanitarian law, the rules of war, and human rights standards.
  • The International Commission “Hashd” :The expansion of the ground invasion to the south of the Strip, dividing Gaza into three parts and separating it into squares, aims to complete the operations of killing, destruction, and forced mass displacement. This is a deceptive operation to absorb global pressure, especially from the United States, demanding the prevention of a repetition of what happened in the northern provinces of Gaza. It is an open claim to avoid targeting civilians, who now live in a death trap, with continuous forced displacement and catastrophic conditions, unprecedented in human history.
  • The International Commission “Hashd” :The United Nations, high contracting parties to the Geneva Conventions, international and regional organizations, and free people of the world are called upon to escalate political, popular, diplomatic, and legal efforts to stop the genocide war in Gaza, Israeli occupation crimes, and settlers’ crimes in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Decisive measures must be taken to ensure international protection for civilians, prevent a new catastrophe, guarantee the flow of humanitarian aid, medical supplies, relief, and fuel shipments to all areas of the Strip, evacuate the wounded, restore electricity and communication networks, and introduce life-saving equipment. Support the struggle and rights of the Palestinian people to end the occupation, dismantle Israeli colonialism, and the racist Israeli apartheid system.


The International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights (Hashd)

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