The International Commission (Hashd) Calls on World Leaders to Uphold Their Moral and Legal Responsibilities to Stop the Killing of Children, Women, and Civilians.

The International Commission (Hashd) Calls on World Leaders to Uphold Their Moral and Legal Responsibilities to Stop the Killing of Children, Women, and Civilians.

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Date: 1 Nov 2023

Time: 13:00 local time

Original Language: Arabic

Press Release

The International Commission (Hashd) Calls on World Leaders to Uphold Their Moral and Legal Responsibilities to Stop the Killing of Children, Women, and Civilians.

For 26 days, the genocide and continuous massacres continue to be perpetrated by the criminal Israeli occupation against families, children, and women without any regard for international humanitarian law and the laws of war. Amid the continued racist and incendiary statements by Israeli officials calling for the killing of Palestinians, legitimizing the killing of children and women, and advocating for the burning of Gaza and the use of doomsday weapons, it creates an environment that not only reflects anger but also a historical policy that the Palestinians and Arabs view with disdain, considering it as racist and degrading, stripping Palestinians of their human dignity.

The statements by the US President and some European leaders affirm their commitment to hate speech and racism and intentionally blur the lines between national struggle and terrorism, all under the pretext of Israel’s right to self-defence, ignoring the legitimate right of Palestinians to self-defence and their right to self-determination. This is done without considering the historical suffering of Palestinians, from the Balfour Declaration to the ongoing Israeli occupation’s oppression and violation of all the rights of Palestinians, as confirmed by the United Nations resolutions and international human rights conventions. These statements constitute a clear incitement to murder and the commission of crimes, making Israeli officials and their supporters’ partners in the ongoing genocide crimes that should be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court.

Due to the international community’s failure to hold Israel accountable and fulfil its role, the equation of politicizing international law and deliberate disregard for all ethical and legal obligations binding the parties to protect civilians and ensure respect for international humanitarian law has continued. The brutality and violation of the laws and customs of war and the Geneva Conventions have become the rule. Although all international humanitarian law agreements oblige the parties to act to stop the targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure, including sending international forces and imposing sanctions and boycotts on parties that violate the principles and rules of the Geneva Conventions, as well as criminalizing hate speech and racism, including action before the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice to stop genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced displacement, and collective punitive measures, as well as the issue of accountability for those responsible and the countries participating in the aggression.

Human history will record black pages of shame that will continue to haunt the colonial powers supporting these crimes, which are committed with their military, political, and economic support to the Israeli occupation.

Shame will haunt all international parties and countries of the world that have even failed to open a humanitarian corridor to ensure the evacuation of the wounded and the entry of medical supplies and humanitarian aid, as well as the necessary fuel to operate hospital generators and the power station to ensure access to water, to stop the war of starvation, thirst, and forced displacement, and to end the ongoing human catastrophe and disaster faced by civilians who have been left to face the fate of death and destruction through various criminal weapons and methods internationally.

Despite the international condemnation of the Israeli occupation’s massacres and the killing of civilians, including children and women, Israeli warplanes committed a massacre by targeting an entire residential neighborhood in Jabalia camp with six F-16 missiles yesterday, resulting in the killing and injury of more than 400 citizens, most of them children and women, with their limbs scattered in the streets of the densely populated Jabalia camp.

Yesterday, Israeli warplanes killed 94 members of the Astal family in Khan Yunis after shelling their homes above their heads. This pattern is repeated daily with nearly 1,000 families, with the clear goal of killing and taking revenge on the residents of Gaza, and a determination to deliberately target civilians, especially children and women.

As the aggression expands and the Israeli occupation declares the start of the third stage through ground maneuvers preceded by the shelling and levelling of residential neighborhoods and buildings with artillery fire, without any regard for civilians and their lives, and the destruction of homes and civilian properties in the targeted areas and surrounding neighborhoods, where humans, stones, trees, animals, and birds are annihilated. The number of dead, wounded, and forcibly displaced increases, exacerbating the suffering of civilian residents in the face of the expanding Israeli aggression.

The number of displaced people in Gaza has risen to 75% of the population, with approximately 11,000 killed and missing individuals, including 40% children and 30% women and the elderly.

Homes have turned into graves for their owners, and dozens of bodies are buried in mass graves due to the inability to identify them due to dismemberment and burning of the bodies.

In the West Bank and Jerusalem, field killings and the invasion of Palestinian cities and camps continue by Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by increasing settler attacks in the West Bank, resulting in the martyrdom of 126 citizens and the injury of nearly 2,000 others, along with the arbitrary arrest of approximately 1,700 citizens.

The International Commission (Hashd), condemns the discourse of racism, double standards, and calls for an end to deception, silence, bias, and helplessness. It emphasizes the need for most of the world’s nations to prioritize political considerations and the fear of colonial powers over the principles of humanity and international humanitarian law and human rights standards. It reminds all nations and world leaders of their legal and moral obligations that require them to take action in every way, including imposing a no-fly zone and cutting ties with a racist state whose leaders and soldiers commit genocide crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, as recognized by all United Nations organizations and the Permanent Fact-Finding Mission, apart from the confirmation of international organizations and the United Nations that the Israeli occupation is a racist state that practices organized oppression against Palestinians, ignoring all United Nations resolutions and the condemnations and appeals of the free world for its crimes and brutality. They excessively use overwhelming force and prohibited weapons.

The International Commission (Hashd) condemns the bias and partnership of some colonial background countries that have allowed the Israeli occupation state to continue committing massacres and acts of genocide, while blaming the long-term victims of Israeli occupation, which has been the main cause of regional and international insecurity and peace threats. Since its inception, it has rejected the implementation of any relevant United Nations resolutions on the Palestinian issue.

The International Commission (Hashd) affirms that bias, helplessness, and conspiracy of silence have previously and continue to allow the government of the racist and fascist Israeli occupation to continue its crimes against Palestinians in all Palestinian territories, including field killings, colonial settlement, settler attacks, persecution of prisoners, Judaization of Jerusalem, demolition of homes, desecration of holy places, and the blockade of Gaza. The most recent example of this is the unprecedented retaliatory war aggression that has been ongoing since October 7, 2023, involving heinous acts of genocide, collective sanctions, cutting off electricity, water, communications, hindering the entry of humanitarian and medical aid, and fuel shipments needed to operate the power station to ensure access to drinking water and sewage treatment stations. It threatens to prevent the collapse of health and humanitarian services and save the lives of Gaza residents from the daily inferno and killings they are experiencing, as well as the ongoing genocide.

The International Commission (Hashd)welcomes all international efforts aimed at ending the aggression and the statements of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, emphasizing the need to stop genocide, war crimes, and collective sanctions, as well as targeting civilians. It also welcomes the positions of Chile and Colombia, which are in line with international humanitarian law by withdrawing ambassadors and cutting ties with the occupation state. It commends the statement by the Director of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Craig Mokhiber, who called on the United Nations and the world to recognize the reality of the conflict and the failure of the model that denies the rights of Palestinians. He emphasized that there are no two warring parties but rather a powerful colonial occupation state supported by colonial powers that strip the people of their rights, destroy their property, deny them the right of return and self-determination. He called for all United Nations efforts to end the occupation and struggle against the apartheid regime, as it was done in South Africa.

The International Commission (Hashd) salutes the free people of the world, individuals, institutions, countries, and those who are mobilizing worldwide to reject the crimes of the Israeli occupation and show solidarity with the Palestinians. It urges them to escalate their popular movements to pressure their governments to fulfill their legal and moral responsibilities and ensure the protection of Palestinians and compel the Israeli occupation state to cease its aggression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, forced displacement, and collective punitive measures. Solidarity with Palestine and Gaza is now a solidarity for humanity, an action to stop the blatant double standards and the law of the jungle and selective enforcement of international law and protection of the values of justice, dignity, and human rights, as well as peace.


The International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights (Hashd)

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