The International Commission Hashd describes within the context of the ongoing genocidal war in Gaza, how the occupation is expanding the scope of extermination and forced displacement operations which threatens to lead to a third catastrophe

The International Commission Hashd describes within the context of the ongoing genocidal war in Gaza, how the occupation is expanding the scope of extermination and forced displacement operations which threatens to lead to a third catastrophe

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The International Commission “Hashd”  Within the framework of the ongoing genocidal war on Gaza, the Israeli occupation is expanding the scope of extermination and forced displacement operations, ushering in a new chapter of catastrophe. Healthcare services are at a complete standstill.

For the seventh consecutive day, the violent and deliberate Israeli shelling of residential areas and homes of civilians continues, causing destruction over the heads of its residents. Until this moment, rescue and emergency teams are unable to recover the bodies and the remains of families whose homes were targeted due to a shortage of available equipment, leaving dozens of corpses under the rubble.

Meanwhile, the international community and international organizations continue their conspiracy of silence, bias, and helplessness in the face of the genocidal crimes committed by the Israeli occupation. According to reports from the Ministry of Health, nearly 1,799 martyrs have been recorded, including 588 children and 351 women, with 7,388 wounded, including 1,901 children and 1,185 women.

The Israeli occupation forces persist in their systematic retaliatory policies against civilian populations, including collective punishment measures. These measures involve tightening border crossings, cutting off electricity, water, communication, and internet services. Furthermore, they persist in implementing the elements of genocide, intending to harm civilians and seeking revenge by refusing to open a humanitarian corridor to supply the besieged area with medical supplies, relief items, and the necessary fuel for operating power stations, hospital generators, ambulance vehicles, and rescue equipment. This has led to a complete collapse of humanitarian and healthcare services, turning hospitals into mass graves due to the unavailability of medical supplies and the necessary fuel for generators in hospitals. Civilian residents are unable to secure drinking water, resorting to inadequate alternatives.

Israeli warplanes continue to destroy entire families’ homes without prior warning, dropping them on the heads of the inhabitants. The International Body has documented 123 families that have lost at least five of their members, most of whom were women and children. The Israeli occupation forces have expanded the scope of extensive destruction of infrastructure, turning roads into dangerous zones by planting explosive belts on the Gaza borders. This has caused the forced displacement of the residents of border areas, resulting in the continued policy of destruction and widespread ruin. This has led to the destruction of more than 50,000 residential units, civil structures, schools, mosques, universities, government institutions, hospitals, clinics, commercial shops, economic facilities, cars, and thousands of kilometers of road networks, effectively transforming many residential neighborhoods into completely devastated areas.

Israel’s use of intense and indiscriminate shelling, along with the use of internationally prohibited weapons, has turned civilian areas and civil structures into military targets. This is all in line with the scorched-earth policy that has turned various neighborhoods into deliberate rubble, aiming to destroy towers, residential buildings, apartments, civil structures, agricultural lands, and infrastructure. As a result, nearly half a million civilians remain in dire humanitarian conditions due to overcrowding, lack of relief and healthcare services, and safe drinking water. The International Body emphasizes that the humanitarian catastrophe is exacerbated by the total abandonment of the international community, as they have relocated their offices to the southern Gaza Strip and ordered their employees to cease work in displacement centers. They are fully aware of the potential war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against these civilians. They have also abandoned their humanitarian responsibilities, all while the Israeli army continues to threaten to evacuate the entire population of northern Gaza, Gaza City, and its surroundings, numbering around 1.3 million, under the threat of aerial fire and continued massacres against more than 80 families, most of which have been erased from the civil registry.

The Israeli occupation has dropped approximately 6,000 tons of explosives, equivalent to more than half a nuclear bomb, and equivalent to the total dropped by U.S. aircraft in Afghanistan over the course of a year, according to a military expert. This betrayal represents the ugliest form of dehumanization, in violation of international humanitarian law. The international community’s ongoing silence has allowed the targeting of civilians and civil structures to continue, indicating a lack of will and capability to open a humanitarian corridor for evacuating the wounded and delivering medical and relief supplies, as well as fuel for power stations and generators in hospitals, ambulances, and rescue vehicles. The full scale of the humanitarian betrayal experienced by civilians and the violation of the Israeli occupation’s abandonment of all rules of war and international humanitarian law, which has turned them into military targets.

On the other hand, Israeli forces continue their attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, who are protesting against the aggression on Gaza. These events have resulted in 46 martyrs and over 300 injuries, while arbitrary arrests and mistreatment of prisoners continue, with electricity being cut off from them.

Israeli officials have continued their threats and racist statements, demonizing Palestinians and their resistance, stripping them of their humanity. This is a blatant attempt to justify the ongoing genocidal crimes by the Israeli occupation, which is the primary cause of the suffering and oppression of Palestinians. The genocidal crimes committed in Gaza, as well as previous crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories, are clear evidence of the racism and terrorism of the organized state against Palestinians.

The International Commission “Hashd”  reiterates that Gaza is living through a new chapter of catastrophe, with the ongoing genocidal crimes by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people. The responsibility for these international crimes, which include genocide, aggression, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, lies with the Israeli occupation and its partners in this aggression on Gaza. The International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor and other international and regional organizations continue to be condemned for their silence and lack of action.

The International Commission “Hashd” affirms the Palestinian people’s right to resist Israeli occupation, as guaranteed by international law. It also warns of a real catastrophe as long as the Israeli aggression on Gaza continues and the suffocating siege impacts all aspects of life for Palestinian civilians. The International Body registers and demands the following:

(Hashd): Urgent Call to Halt Genocidal Crimes, Including Ending the Killing and Targeting of Civilians and Civilian Structures, Cessation of Retaliation and Ongoing Collective Punishments That Have Turned the Gaza Strip into a Disaster Zone. The International Body (Gathering) calls for the immediate opening of humanitarian corridors for the entry of medical shipments, medical supplies, relief aid, fuel, and life-saving equipment, and urges the enforcement of international humanitarian law and the provisions of the Four Geneva Conventions to achieve an end to the aggression.

(Hashd): Calls for the UNRWA to continuously open shelters and respond to the urgent humanitarian needs threatening the displaced individuals in its schools and the refugees in the Gaza Strip, and demands the provision of protection for the refugees.

(Hashd):Strongly condemns the ongoing conspiracy of silence and international and regional failure to open humanitarian corridors and stop the atrocious genocidal crimes committed by the military occupation authorities in the Gaza Strip.

(Hashd): Calls on the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to declare a clear and unequivocal stance concerning Israel’s announcement of non-compliance and non-application of the Convention in the Palestinian territories and urgently act to provide international protection for civilians.

(Hashd): Urges the Palestinian leadership to break the cycle of silence, stand alongside its people, enhance its positions and role, declare the severance of relations with the Israeli occupation state, implement the resolutions of national consensus, and intensify diplomatic efforts to hold urgent international and regional meetings to ensure the opening of a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of the wounded, entry of medical supplies, relief aid, and fuel to the Gaza Strip, ultimately leading to a cessation of Israeli aggression.

(Hashd): Calls on the Public Prosecution Office to declare a clear stance on the international crimes occurring in the Gaza Strip, ensuring that these crimes are included in the file of Israeli crimes being investigated. This is especially important in light of growing suspicions of the Israeli forces’ deliberate use of highly destructive weapons and internationally prohibited weapons to alter the fundamental elements of the environment, infrastructure, and demographic features in the region, as well as closing crossings and preventing the entry of medicine, fuel, food, humanitarian assistance, with the intention of destroying and exterminating the Palestinian people.

(Hashd): Renews its call to the United Nations General Assembly to convene in a “United for Peace” format to provide international protection for Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, announce a program to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, and dismantle the apartheid system, thus enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate rights as recognized by the United Nations.

(Hashd): Urges the rapid convening of the United Nations Human Rights Council in an exceptional session to consider the international crimes committed in the Gaza Strip and take the necessary measures to halt war crimes and retaliatory genocidal crimes in Gaza, ensuring respect for the rules of international humanitarian law.

(Hashd): Calls on all specialized United Nations agencies and the International Committee of the Red Cross to condemn genocidal, war, and crimes against humanity perpetrated against civilians and civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and to activate their efforts in protecting children, women, journalists, medical teams, and providing the necessary relief to those displaced in UNRWA schools and supporting Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

(Hashd): Encourages Palestinians in all communities, free people around the world, international solidarity movements with the Palestinian people, and all Arab, regional, and international organizations to take action on all humanitarian, legal, political, diplomatic, human rights, and popular fronts to ensure the cessation of Israeli aggression, genocidal crimes, and the protection of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.


The International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights (Hashd)

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