The International Commission (ICSPR) organizes a workshop entitled: “Extremism and its Danger to Civil Peace”

The International Commission (ICSPR) organizes a workshop entitled: “Extremism and its Danger to Civil Peace”


NO: 49/2019

Date: 26 Sep 2019

The International Commission (ICSPR) organizes a workshop entitled: “Extremism and its Danger to Civil Peace”

Occupied Palestine / Gaza: The The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights (ICSPR) organized today, Thursday, 26/9/2019, a workshop entitled: “Extremism and its Danger to Civil Peace,” at the headquarters of the Commission in Gaza City.

The meeting was opened by Sami Akila, member of the Board of Directors, welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of this meeting, which aims to introduce the phenomenon of extremism, its causes, and how to address it.

On his part, Dr. Hassan al-Saifi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments, defined intellectual extremism and its causes, defining extremism as exceeding the limit, perversion, and transgression of rightness.

Al-Saifi indicated that it is a mistake to start with security treatments in the treatment of extremism, stressing that extremism is not confronted with force and violence, but rather needs a wise methodology, if we want to protect our country from any upcoming extremism, and the treatment must be quietly and outside prisons..

In turn, Muhammad Lafi, responsible for political and moral guidance at the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, spoke about the factors that helped the presence of extremist elements in the Gaza Strip, most notably: the complete absorption of Islamic symbolism, the proliferation of weapons and the culture of military industrialization and hatred, the Palestinian division between Gaza and Ramallah.

On his part, Dr. Youssef Farhat specializes in extremism issues, pointing out that the crisis of extremism is one of the dangerous scourges that are among the old scourges that have worsened in recent decades.

He explained that the importance of this meeting came to curb the scourge of extremism and violence, which afflicted the youth of the Arab and Islamic nation, and is no longer limited to them alone.

The participants stressed the need to create a national strategy to confront extremism that takes into account the balance between the requirements of security and human rights, spreading a culture of tolerance, strengthening national belonging and educating Palestinian youth about the dangers of extremism and intolerance, paying attention to infiltrations and spreading moderate thought, and that all official, media and civil society organizations play their role in confronting extremism, and work to restore national unity on the basis of partnership, strengthen people’s steadfastness, reduce their suffering, and respect human rights and the rule of law

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